Aids and adaptations

Home Group wants you to be able to enjoy your home and live comfortably. If you find it difficult to access parts of your home, we can help to make things easier for you.

You may benefit from a small aid, such as a handrail to help you to climb steps or stairs, or you may need a bigger adaptation such as a stair-lift. 

We’re able to provide some aids and adaptations for you or, where this is not possible due to the nature of the work required, we’ll help you find other organisations that are able to help.

  • How do I apply for an adaptation to my home?

    • To apply for an adaptation or aid you will need to contact your occupational therapist. For more information contact our Customer Service Centre.

  • How will my application be assessed?

    • Your application will be assessed to decide whether you have a need, or urgent need, for an adaptation.

      The first question we will ask is whether or not the impairment has or is likely to last for at least 12 months.

      If the answer to this question is yes, we will then place your application into either Band 1 or Band 2 based on the following criteria:

      Band 1 (urgent need)
      • The adaptation will enable essential activities (with or without additional support).
      • The adaptation will greatly reduce immediate risk to the person or their household.
      • The adaptation will prevent a delay of discharge from hospital or care.
      Band 2 (need)
      • The adaptation will help the applicant to cope with day to day tasks with the current support that they receive.
      • The adaptation will improve independence and quality of life.

      We will always need to consider what funding is available to carry out an adaptation and, if required, will help you find alternative funding so the change can be made as soon as possible.

      From time to time we may refuse applications if the basic criteria are not met. If this happens we will contact you to explain why we have refused your application and to discuss alternatives with you.
  • How will the work be done?

    • Before we carry out an adaptation we will agree the specification of the work with you and/or your occupational therapist. 

      If the work involves mechanical equipment (for example a stair-lift) we will tell you the cost of maintaining the equipment and agree with you how this will be paid. 
      This may be in the form of a service charge and we will agree this with you before the works go ahead.

      Minor work, such as grab rails, should be carried out within 28 days. However more complex work, such as installing a hoist or shower, may take longer and are more likely to be carried out by a contractor appointed by your local authority.

      Where the work is to be carried out by Home Group we will agree the timescales with you so that you know what is going on at all times.

      Once the work is completed, you will be asked to sign off the completed works.

  • Can I make my own adaptations?

    • It is possible for you to carry out your own adaptations and pay for them yourself, but you must ask for our permission to do this.

      We will agree to most reasonable requests, though we may need to consider planning and other regulations.  

      Contact our Customer Service Centre to find out more.

  • Can I appeal against your decision?

    • On the rare occasion we have to refuse, you are entitled to appeal against the decision. However, we will always aim to explain how we reached a decision and agree an alternative with you.

      If you do want to appeal, we will review your application and aim to contact you with an answer within 10 working days.

      If you are still unhappy with the decision, please ask for a copy of our complaints leaflet which will guide you through our complaints process.
  • I live in Scotland - will the process be the same for me?

    • We aim to provide a consistently excellent service to all of our customers, regardless of where they live. The principles of our aids and adaptations process apply to all Home Group customers; however customers living in Scotland are subject to different laws and practices.

      Funding for aids and adaptations in Scotland comes from the Scottish Government  or via social services. Each year we make a bid to the Scottish Government for funding for Stage 3 adaptations within social housing.
  • How do I get an assessment from an occupational therapist

    • All aids and adaptations works must be approved by an occupational therapist or funds may not be secured to carry out the works.

      Referrals to occupational therapy can be made in various ways:
      • Letter from your GP
      • Self-referral
      • Neighbour referral
      • District nurse
      • CPN

      Our customer service colleagues can provide you with advice and information to assist you in seeking the appropriate advice. We may ask social work services to carry out an assessment.

      Where a handrail may be required, this will be supplied by the local occupational therapist and fitting will be arranged by us.
  • How do I give feedback?

    • When you have adaptation works carried out your local maintenance officer will visit you to check the quality of the workmanship.  

      You will then be issued with a customer satisfaction survey and return envelope, this will allow you to comment on how the contractors performed, how has the adaptation improved your quality of life and if the adaptation made the differences that you expected.

      Further more details on the process can be obtained by contact our Customer Service Centre.