This is the process that enables you to sell back shares in the value of your existing shared ownership property to Home Group.

This option is only available in exceptional circumstances as it is intended to help if you are in danger of losing your home because of financial and personal changes.


The amount you can sell back to us will depend on your circumstances and whether we have the public funds available to support the change. We will consider each application individually in line with the criteria set out in the Homes & Communities Agency ‘Capital Funding Guide’.

Who can apply for downward staircasing?


Existing shared owners. Former shared owners cannot apply nor can those who purchased their property through a discount or incentive scheme like Right to Buy.

When can I apply for downward staircasing?



You can apply if you are in financial difficulty or there have been permanent changes in your personal circumstances that are affecting your ability to pay your rent, service charge and mortgage. You must show that you have explored all other options available  before you contact us so we strongly advise you to get independent financial and legal advice first.



How do I apply for downward staircasing?



Contact us for an application form. When completing the form you will need to explain your circumstances and provide supporting information about your financial and personal situation. Return the completed form and supporting documents to the local office.



Is there anything else I need to know?


We will consider your application but please remember that we may only be able to help in exceptional circumstances if we have the funding available to purchase the share that you wish to sell back to us.  Shared owners do not have a right to down staircase and therefore we are not required by law to accept an application

An independent valuation of your property will be needed before a final decision can be made. The process may take some time, so you are strongly advised to continue to look for alternative options in case Home Group is not able to offer a downward staircasing opportunity to you.

If your application were successful you would be responsible for co-ordinating arrangements with your mortgage company and covering the valuation and legal costs that are associated with the downward staircasing process.



Other useful contacts



The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE)


Tel: 0207 832 2500


The Leasehold Advisory Service is a non-departmental government body that provides free advice to leaseholders.



Homes and Community Agency


Fry Building


2 Marsham Street, London




Tel: 0300 1234 500