Resales, staircasing and flexible tenure

There are various things to consider if you want to sell your home. Whether you purchased your property as a freeholder, leaseholder or shared owner you will need Home Group’s involvement.

As well as being legally obliged to involve Home Group, whoever is buying your home will want to know details about the scheme where your property is situated. This could include the service charge details and accounts.

What is staircasing?

If you purchased your property on a shared ownership basis you can buy more shares and increase the amount you own. This is called staircasing.

In exceptional circumstances, for example if you are at risk of losing your home due to financial difficulty, you can sell shares back to Home Group. We call this downward staircasing.

To discuss any of these options, contact us.

If you buy a house through Home Group that isn't a new build, there are additional costs you should be aware of.