Property maintenance

There are three main types of repair work that we carry out to the common areas of the blocks we factor:

1. Reactive maintenance – general day to day repairs e.g. replacing close light bulbs, repairing close door entries etc.


2. Planned and cyclical maintenance – these repairs are more major in nature – e.g. exterior painting, replacing windows or roofs etc.


3. Emergencies – where Home Scotland considers that any repair, renewal or maintenance work is required as a matter of urgency.



When the anticipated cost of any works exceeds £300 per owner, work will be instructed and carried out only when it has been approved by a simple majority of relevant owners in your block or development, or in accordance with the provisions of your Title Deeds. 

Sometimes we might need to instruct works that cost more than £300 per owner without taking a vote. We will do this if work required is an emergency or is necessary under health and safety grounds.