Home Scotland charges all owners a management fee for carrying out its function of providing its core services.

There are a number of responsibilities that we accepted when agreeing to provide a factoring service on behalf of owners. The costs of providing such services are then charged back in the form of a management fee.



The management fees include the costs of:



• Service set up and on-going administration


• Title research and preparation of any grounds maintenance plans


• Calculating owners shares


• Communication with and between owners and external agencies/ providers


• Maintaining accurate property repairs records


• Issuing invoices


• Recording payments made and received and recovering charges in relation to each property/owner


• Taking details of repairs


• Instructing contractors to carry out works and co-ordinating these


• Consulting owners in respect of repairs costs in excess of £300 or more per owner


• Tendering and obtaining estimates


• Overseeing repairs and ensuring works are carried out satisfactorily



To ensure that we continue to deliver a comprehensive factoring service to you and meet our operational requirements, each year we have to review our management fees against our service delivery costs to ensure we recover all the costs of providing the service. 

If there is any change then we will write out to you notifying you of this no later than the 27th February each year with any difference being applied on 1st April.