In Scotland, property managers are known as 'factors'.

Property factors manage and maintain the common parts of property or land owned by more than one home owner, for example the stairways, hallways and roofs of a tenement flat, or the common gardens or amenity areas in estates. Property factors may be a private business, local authority, or registered social landlord like us.



Home Scotland are a registered Property Factor in Scotland (PF000277) and provide factoring services to many home owners who form part of mixed tenure blocks or developments.



The service we provide is regulated by the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 which came into effect in October 2012 and this was to ensure that a minimum standard of provision is achieved by all property factors across Scotland.



There are three main elements of the Act which are:


Written Statement of Service

All property factors are required to provide home owners with a Written Statement of Service as part of the Code of Conduct. This sets out, in a simple and transparent way, the terms and how we will deliver the standards.



All customers were issued with a copy of this before the implementation date and new customers will be provided this within four weeks of Home Group agreeing to provide them with a service or becoming known of a change of ownership [DM1] within a block or development that we already manage.



There is some information that may be subject to change depending on those responsibilities outlined within owner’s title deeds so we produce schedules to accompany our Written Statement of Service and these are tailored to each block or development. 



There are six schedules and these are:


  1. Owners details
  2. Services provided
  3. Allocation of costs
  4. Insurance (if applicable)
  5. Debt recovery
  6. Complaints and compliments

Services provided 

There are a number of services that we deliver and these are determined by where you live and what has been agreed.



These services include:



1. Grounds Maintenance 


2. Cleaning 


3. Buildings Insurance (only applicable to those home owners that live in a flat or maisonette)


4. Repairs and Maintenance