Information for Leaseholders

From July 2017 until January 2018 we’ll be rolling out a programme of stock condition surveys to all our leasehold properties.

You’ll be sent a letter approximately four weeks before your survey is due to take place explaining a bit more.

As it’s outside of the normal programme of surveys you will not be charged.

Please see our frequently asked questions below for more information.

What is a stock condition survey?


A stock condition survey looks at all parts of a building to assess the condition and state of repair so we can plan any future repair work, as necessary.  It is best practice for landlords to inspect their stock on a regular basis.  Typical items that will be looked at as part of the survey include roofs, rainwater goods, general structure, communal windows and doors etc.

Will I be charged for this survey?


As part of an internal update Home Group has organised a condition survey of all leasehold properties. As this is outside of the standard survey cycle you will not be charged on this occasion. Future periodic survey updates will be charged back to you as detailed in the terms of your lease.

Why is this necessary and what will the information be used for?


We need this information to improve the repairs service we offer to our leaseholders.  The information will help us plan a programme of work including cyclical works.

Who will carry out the survey?


Storm Tempest surveyors have been appointed to carry out the survey.  All surveyors will carry identification and a letter of authority from Home Group.  Remember to always check the identification of anyone who asks for access. If you are unsure always call our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663. The surveyor will not be able to provide any updates to ongoing repairs or the condition of the property during the inspection.

Who are Storm Tempest?


Storm Tempest is a north east based building surveying consultancy, specialising in the social landlord sector. The company is contracted to work on behalf of Home Group and has a wealth of experience providing surveys on a wide range of domestic properties.

Will the surveyor need access to my property and will I need to be there?


The survey will focus on the outside of the property and any communal areas.  Access to communal areas will be arranged by Home Group colleagues.  The surveyor will not need access inside your home but may need to look at the back of your property. If they can’t access this, you will be contacted separately to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

Will I receive any kind of report following the survey?


No, this data will be used to help Home Group plan the maintenance around your property. We’ll be in touch again with you at a later date, if it’s necessary.


Once all the assessments are complete, the information will give a short, medium and long term view of future programmes of works.  If any major works are identified you will be formally consulted prior to the works being carried out (This is referred to as a s20 consultation). Major works are described as any works which are estimated to cost an individual leaseholder more than £250.

I don’t want my property surveyed, can I refuse?


No. It’s in the terms of your lease to allow access for the purposes of assessing and carrying out repairs and major works.

How can I find out any additional information?


Information will be made available on our website or please contact our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663.

Is this survey linked to what happened in London/ Grenfell?


No – this is part of a comprehensive review that has been planned to look at repairs and gather information to help improve the repairs service we offer to our leaseholders.  The information will help us plan a programme of work including cyclical works.