If you own a flatted property or maisonette, Home Scotland is responsible for ensuring that the buildings of which a dwelling forms part are adequately insured, including all necessary public liability insurance.

Buildings insurance cover for your property will be for full reinstatement value. This will take the form of Home Scotland arranging cover for the whole building and any common parts. Should the owner, or their mortgage lender, require the cover to be higher than this, they must advise Home Scotland in writing and a revised premium will be charged accordingly. 

Where an owner’s property does not form part of a block, they will be required to arrange their own building insurance.



All owners are required to arrange their own contents insurance.



Shared owners cannot opt out of Home Scotland’s block buildings insurance.






If a claim is made on the buildings insurance, each owner shall contact Home Scotland and will provide contact details in order for the owner to make the claim. Home Scotland will not submit insurance claims on behalf of owners. Any decision on whether a claim is accepted and/or settled is the responsibility of the insurer and not Home Scotland.



Additional Information



Where owners wish to take out their own buildings insurance for their property, they will be required to provide evidence that insurance is in place and covers a share of the common parts of the building and continues to be in place on an annual basis. This is the responsibility of each owner and should this evidence not be provided to Home within 14 days of request, we will insure the property on the owners’ behalf and the whole annual fee will be applied. In these circumstances, there will be no refund of the premium paid.