Home Group will seek to tackle arrears recovery at the earliest opportunity and we are committed to effective debt recovery which will be based on a consistent approach to each case.

1.    A first reminder letter will be issued to the owner which will:


  • Clearly state the outstanding balance and urgent need of settlement;
  • Advise of potential consequences of non-payment;
  • Invite contact to establish reasons for non-payment.
2.    If an owner refuses, or delays, payment for a further period of 14 days, a second reminder letter will be sent. This letter will contain the same information as the first reminder letter and will also inform that if a payment is not received, Home Group will arrange for a final reminder to be sent and a charge of £10 plus VAT will be applied to their account if this action taken.



3.    If no contact has been established and no payment has been received after 7 days, Home Group will proceed with legal action in order to recover the sums due if an owner:


  • Fails to make full payment of arrears within 7 days of being served with the final reminder letter, or
  • Fails to make contact with Home within 3 days of being served with the final reminder letter.
Legal action



Should it be necessary for Home Group to commence legal action, all associated costs for doing so will be met by the owner and this will be applied to the debt already owed.



Home Group, may also register a notice of potential liability for costs over the property setting out that a debt is due. This may affect/restrict the owner’s ability to sell their property.