Homeowner guidelines

If you have bought, or are thinking of buying a property from Home Group, there are various documents you should read depending on where you live and what sort of deal you're eligible for.

If you have bought a property from Home Group you could be a freeholder or a leaseholder.

Being a freeholder means you own the house and the land it's built on. As a leaseholder you do not own the land, however you have bought the right to live there for a fixed number of years. You're a leaseholder if:

  • You've bought, or are buying, one of our 'over 55' or retirement properties.
  • You've bought through our shared ownership scheme.




More information

More information on shared ownership leaseholder rights and responsibilities is available on our leaseholder terms & conditions page.  Alternatively you could check out our handbook.

If you're in one of our over-55 and retirement properties - you can read about those rights and responsibilities here.





If you are a Scottish homeowner with a property on an estate where Home Group is the factor, click here to learn more.