Viewpoint teams

Viewpoint teams scrutinise our services and products in customer services and assess our neighbourhoods against the delivery of the customer promise.

We have seven viewpoint teams: Scotland, North East, North West, Yorkshire & Humber, London & South East, East of England and South West.

Viewpoint team customers visit neighbourhoods country and ask customers about their experience of the service and make an assessment of the services delivered against the customer promise.


The information gathered leads to change through; recommendations for local service improvements, reports to Home Group board, six monthly national scrutiny reports to the customer forum and the annual impact assessment.

Customer assessors act as ambassadors and promote local and national involvement opportunities and receive on the job training to develop their own skills and confidence.



We also involve clients in the customer promise assessments and clients, customers and colleagues have worked together every step of the way to develop and deliver the new customer promise assessments.


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You can contact the involvement team on:




Telephone: 0191 594 8140


Mobile: 0786 040 1729