What can I get involved in?

We love to listen to our customers and learn from what they have to tell us. Here are a few of the many ways that you can get involved in Home Group and make a difference to your communities.

Getting involved could be a big thing or a little thing depending on your time. We aren’t too bothered about your experience or skills. What we care about is you and what you’ve got to tell us. Download our guide to getting involved or click on the links below to get a taste of what’s on offer. If you’ve seen something you’d like to get involved with then please get in touch.

Get in touch to get involved. Email us involvement@homegroup.org.uk or give us a call  0191 594 8140

  • Tell us how we're doing

    • Are we doing what we say we’re doing, and how well are we doing it? We want to hear from you.

      You can become a Customer Assessor. That’s someone who is part of the team that assesses our neighbourhoods and the services we run and marks us gold, silver or bronze. It’s a busy role, which will see you visiting some of our services and neighbourhoods across your region. Don’t worry though, you won’t be out of pocket as we’ll cover your expenses.

      Or you could join one of our regional Viewpoint teams. They monitor our performance and scrutinise our services and products and track improvements following promise assessments. We have seven teams across England and Scotland including retirement leasehold in the south.

  • Join our Board

    • Our customers are involved right at the top which is why we have two customer members on both our Home Group Board and our Home Scotland Board.

      Our Board is ultimately responsible for everything we do, from approving our budget to monitoring performance. It’s a serious commitment but worth it as your experience as a customer is what makes this role so important.

      We recruit Customer Board Members every three years so watch our careers page for the next opportunity.

  • Promoting equality and diversity

    • Our Human Library gives people from under-represented groups a chance to break down barriers by sharing their experiences with customers and our colleagues. Their popular Life Swap sessions give people a chance to ask questions from the regular to the unexpected but always to increase understanding. They also advise us on diversity issues and help with our Equality Impact Assessments. All in all, they do an amazing job in promoting equality and diversity.

  • Put right what's gone wrong

    • When things go wrong we need to make sure we put them right, and learn from what’s happened. As a member of our Independent Customer Complaints Panel you’ll help us do just that by reviewing complaints, making recommendations to resolve a situation and also suggest improvements to services. Where something can't be resolved the panel refer complaints to the Housing Ombudsman.

  • Keep it simple

    • Sometimes we get a bit carried away and we don’t keep information as simple as it should be. To keep us on the right track we have a group called the Keep It Short and Simple communications group, or KISS as it’s more easily known. If you have a passion for keeping things straightforward join us. You can learn more about our KISS panel in this guide.

  • Speak up

    • Our Customer Forum is a national panel which provides a national voice to our Customer Assessors. You’ll have the chance to represent our customers and make a difference to our services, neighbourhoods and communities.

  • Volunteer and involvement expenses guidelines