You said, we did - Grounds Maintenance

January 12th, 2017 in Anyone@home community

# Feedback written in chalk

During 2016 the North West Grounds Maintenance Scrutiny Group met six times, monitoring performance, sharing their views and making decisions on local grounds maintenance service delivery.

You said

We did

Grounds maintenance services need to improve

We set up a customer and client scrutiny group to help improve grounds maintenance services

You told us there has been a vast improvement in the service

We need to develop a monitoring process to track the contractors performance

We developed a monitoring form with customers and clients to monitor performance, highlight the issues at meetings and feedback findings to the contractor

Grounds maintenance service delivery and feedback from customer’s and client’s needs to be shared with the contractor

The Landscape Co-ordinator shared regular feedback via the customer and client monitoring forms after every scrutiny meeting with the contractor at the operational meetings

The communal grounds and service needs to improve, specifically at schemes which were affected by the floods in December 2015

The Landscape Co-ordinator, Maintenance Surveyor, Housing Management Co-ordinator and contractor worked with clients to improve the communal grounds

Clients received a service charge refund due to the contractor not being able to maintain the grounds following the floods

The contractor is not spraying the weeds enough and they are spoiling the appearance of the neighbourhood or scheme

The issue was raised with the contractor and to improve the service the contractor introduced a new weed killer which could also be used in the rain and is more powerful against the weeds

Involve more customers and clients in other areas to scrutinise the service

We developed a simple step guide with customers and clients which was sent to colleagues to support them to involve other customer and clients

Feedback customer views from customer promise assessments

We added a regular grounds maintenance agenda item to the Viewpoint meetings so that updates and feedback could be shared

To improve communication, write a letter to clients so that they are clear of what works to expect and what approvals are required when maintaining communal grounds

The Housing Manager drafted a letter with the support of the group and a letter was sent out to all clients at Bridge End Court

There is a caterpillar infestation at Burnside which can cause serious health issues for residents

The contractor was contacted immediately and the area affected was treated with a special chemical to remove the risk to clients

You’d like to understand what the grounds maintenance contract covers and what to expect

We have worked with customers and clients to increase their skills and knowledge of grounds maintenance processes, service and contract

Customers and clients would like to be involved with the procurement of the new contractor in 2017

We contacted the Procurement Manager and customers and clients will be involved in procuring the new contractor in the future