You said, we did - Reading and Havant

June 12th, 2017 in Anyone@home community

# Feedback written in chalk

Reading and Havant You said, we did

During 2016 Reading and Havant Viewpoint Team met three times and gave their views and decisions on a range of local, regional and national issues.  Here are your main issues and recommendations and what we have done as a result.


You said

We did

Carry out customer promise assessments on

31st May- Lancaster Close in Aldershot

26th July- Sandfields, Guildford

31st August- Reading neighbourhood




Assessment completed  3rd June 2016


Assessment completed 26th July 2016, silver


Assessment completed in Newbury February 2017, silver


Approved environmental bids Washing lines in the communal garden at Ivydene Road

Solar light at Costwold Park, in the external communal area


Improve external area and install a cycle rack at Venners Water flats


Improve car parking area in

Langley Close, Guildford.












Waiting for start date from contractors


Working Together

Value for money

Which Home Group services you value/ not value and why

This feedback was added to the wider national working together consultation which will help prioritise where homegroup will spend our money.

Working Together

Digital involvement  

How we can get more customers involved through digital channels

The Involvement team are using this feedback to increase digital involvement and to produce a top tips for digital involvement.

Working Together’ month linked almost 800 customers, clients and colleagues from Dundee to Cornwall in a multi-channel virtual conference costing less than a quarter of the average conference, included over 20 activities

Working Together

Compliments- If you gave Home Group one compliment what would it be?

These compliments were  tweeted in October  as part of #HGCustomerServiceMonth and passed onto Rosie DuRose (Executive Director)


Customers contributed to the national Customer Forum consultation on Right to Buy and High Income social tenants

The feedback was passed onto the project teams to provide a customer perspective and influence these 2 areas of development. Home Group is not pursuing the High Income Social tenant’s policy at this time and right to Buy has been delayed by government.