Welcome to the Home Group online community

September 1st, 2016 in Anyone@home community

Our Involvement community is the new place to have your say on the issues which affect Home Group customers and clients. Do you want to help change, shape and influence Home Group? Then this is the place to do it.

Our new Involvement online community is a great way to get involved in the work we are doing from the comfort of your own home. We trust you will use this community wisely.

We value our customer and clients' feedback but users should be aware that Home Group will be moderating comments, posts will only be refused if language is offensive or personal or potentially libelous comments are made.

To help you understand how the new community will work we have provided some brief guidelines at the bottom of this page

Please note: This is a space to hear your feedback. Please be aware we cannot resolve individual issues as part of this group. All repair requests or customer service issues should be reported to us using our contact centre.


One of the most important things to make our online Involvement community successful is to provide exceptional content so readers will want to come back and read more. Here are some tips for writing your comments and making your conversations more engaging:

  • Try to stay positive and be honest in your comments
  • Be respectful of other people and their views
  • Be open to feedback and try to act on it
  • Once a topic has been resolved focus on the next
  • Get involved – we value all of your feedback
  • Write in short paragraphs – it’s more appealing to other readers
  • Don’t put down others ideas – discuss them
  • Be proactive – set the ball in motion
  • Be constructive when criticising
  • Don’t become personal
  • Try to be online as often as you can
  • Spread the word!

Using Disqus

Disqus is an online discussion platform used by lots of different websites. The beauty of using Disqus for our online community is that you can use one login to comment on other websites and other areas of the Home Group website where comments are enabled (for example on our news and blog posts).

Signing up to use Disqus is easy. You can sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or Google logins, or you can create a separate indiviudal login.

As we did with anyone@home, we will be posting different topics in our online community for you to comment on.

We hope you like this new way of interacting with Home Group and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.