Case study - Stephen Ware

January 12th, 2017 in Anyone@home community

A man pointing to a screen saying 'Case Study'

Client Stephen talks about the improvement in his mental health since getting involved with Home Group

My name is Stephen and I am a client from Harrogate. I’ve suffered from ill mental health since I was a teenager and have been in and out of services and hospitals ever since.

Since joining my service in Harrogate I have taken advantage of many involvement opportunities such as training to be a client assessor and visiting other services to assess how well they deliver the client promise.

I have joined the human library and share my story about mental health with other clients and colleagues from Home Group to help break the stigma about mental health and get people talking about it.

I have even taken part in interviewing potential new colleagues which I have really enjoyed, it shows me that Home Group care about who they employ and that clients have a say in who gets the job.

Some of the events I have gotten involved have meant I have needed to travel around and it’s really helped me with my confidence. I can now cope with busy stations and I enjoy the travelling.

Most of all I enjoy being involved because it gets me out and about meeting new people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I now aspire to become an apprentice support worker in the future and I’m excited about what it holds.