Making a difference

Our yearly impact report sets out how our customers have shaped, changed and influenced the way we work and our Customer Scrutiny Reports share how well our Customer assessors think we are delivering our customer promise.

Our customers make a real difference to the way we do things; they shape, change and influence what we do and how we do it. Every year we report on the impact our customers are making from assessing our services to tackling discrimination.

How are we doing?

During the year our Customer Assessors visit customers to ask them how they think we are delivering against our customer promise and award us gold, silver or bronze depending on what they hear and see during their visits.

They do a great job telling us how we’re doing and also, importantly, what needs improving. Between April 2017 and March 2018 they've spoken to 365 customers in 28 of our neighbourhoods and 273 customers in 38 of our supported services. They really make sure we learn from what we hear.

Find out what the assessors get up on our involvement news page.

Involved customers

Supported services

Our Customer Assessors are always out and about, their assessments gained feedback from 273 customers. Overall we've made significant improvements in providing customers with a safe place to live, 61% of our services and neighbourhoods scored the gold standard compared to 40% last year.



Our Customer Assessors also asked 365 customers living in 28 of our neighbourhoods what they thought and they awarded us 18% gold and 68% silver and 11% bronze, 4% scored no standard.

Home Group neighbourhood assessment results


Our assessors make recommendations for every service and neighbourhood they visit which turns into a local action plan which is monitored by our regional Viewpoint teams. Our Customer forum considers all the recommendations and agree national recommendations to improve services and neighbourhoods. 

Customer forum

Putting things right

Our Independent Complaints Panel looks at complaints that we haven’t managed to sort out using our internal complaints process. Last year they made 70 recommendations to help us improve things like our processes, colleague training and communication.

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Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the many ways our customers are making changes then download our Impact Report

Want to get involved?

There’s loads of ways to get involved and make a difference. Find out about more in our menu of involvement/easy read menu of involvement and on our What can I get involved in pages. You can read all of the latest involvement news too. Here's just some of the benefits of getting involved...