Making a difference

Our yearly impact report sets out how our customers have shaped, changed and influenced the way we work and our Customer Scrutiny Reports share how well our Customer assessors think we are delivering.

Our customers make a real difference to the way we do things; they shape, change and influence what we do and how we do it. Every year we report on the impact our customers are making from assessing our services to tackling discrimination.

How are we doing?

During the year our Customer Assessors visit customers to ask them how they think we are delivering against our promise and award us gold, silver and bronze depending on what they hear during their visits.

They do a great job telling us how we’re doing and also, importantly, what needs improving and all 50 services and 29 neighbourhoods produced an improvement plan to make sure we’re learning from what we hear.

Read the latest report from our Customer Assessors.

Supported services

Our Customer Assessors were kept busy conducting 50 assessments in our supported services and getting feedback from an impressive 294 customers with 46% awarding us the gold standard.

Customer assessment gold silver and bronze ratings 2017

Rental customers

Our Customer Assessors also asked 354 rental customers in 29 of our neighbourhoods what they thought and they awarded us 3% gold and 90% silver.

Customer assessment rental gold silver and bronze ratings 2017

Putting things right

Our Independent Complaints Panel looks at complaints that we haven’t managed to sort out using our internal complaints process. Last year they made 55 recommendations to help us improve things like our processes, colleague training and communication.



The Human Library



Challenging inequality and discrimination is something we feel passionately about which makes our Human Library so special to us. It gives people a chance to meet with customers from under-represented groups to share their stories and help people understand the challenges they face. This has included living with a child with autism, being transgender, surviving domestic abuse and coping with mental illness in the workplace.



Digital involvement

We’re not only growing our customer’s confidence with digital, we’re using these digital channels to help more people get involved. And it’s working. We’ve opened up opportunities especially to people with mobility issues, living in rural areas and those with poor transport links. We’ve now got almost 800 members in our digital groups. This includes a high number of people with disabilities (26%) and 18 wheelchair users.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the many ways our customers are making changes then download our Impact Report

Want to get involved?

There’s loads of ways to get involved and make a difference. Find out about more on our What can I get involved in pages.