Living Library partnership

The aim is simple; to learn, understand, break down stigma and challenge stereotypes


Human library and TPAS partnership2

The Living Library approach gives us the power to ask questions, listen, understand and change the way we think, act and work. For Home Group and Tpas (Tenant engagement experts), the Living Library approach is a way of bringing together diverse groups of tenants, residents and housing staff to share their personal stories and experiences.



Millions of people live and work in social housing and Home Group and Tpas believe that both tenants and colleagues have an important role to play in actively challenging prejudice and inequality.



Tpas and Home Group have been working in partnership and offering a series of Living Library workshops. These are aimed at housing providers and the partnership supported them in developing a Living Library approach within their own organisations.



You can find out more about this approach and hear from some of Home Group’s Living Library members with our interactive guide.


If you want to know more, then visit our Living Library website in partnership with Tpas. 

To give you an idea of what a living library session is like, here's Emma's story below: