Equality and diversity

Equality’, ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ are terms that simply mean we should all be treated fairly, with respect and get the right services, whoever we are.

At Home Group we aim to promote equality, value diversity and encourage inclusion through:


•    our mission to help customers and client open doors to new opportunities and healthy lives, and


•    our promise to provide colleagues with a great place to work.



We want Home Group to be an organisation in which no-one experiences discrimination or disadvantage and we are committed to taking action to make this a reality.



Our goal


To meet our commitments under the Chartered Institute of Housing Equality and Diversity Charter, building a culture where all of our customers, clients and colleagues feel they are treated fairly, with dignity and respect.   


We will achieve this by:


1.   Really getting to know our customers, clients and colleagues and using this knowledge to provide better services.


2.   Creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued and involved.


3.   Providing responsive and accessible services to our customers and clients.


4.   Developing and retaining a skilled and caring workforce that is committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and encouraging inclusion.


5.   Communicating our vision for equality, diversity and inclusion supported by the clear leadership of our Board and Executive.


6.   Enabling customers, clients and colleagues to hold us to account through our robust reporting structures for equality related complaints.



You can contact the involvement team on:


E-mail: involvement@homegroup.org.uk


Telephone: 0191 594 8140


Mobile: 0786 040 1729