E-petition us

This is where any Home Group customer can petition for changes in the way Home Group operates.

As you might’ve noticed, there’s lots of ways to get involved with us and an e-petition can be done from just about anywhere.


But what’s an e-petition and why might you want to create one? There could be something, (or things!), we do that you want to make a change to. So you can create, or sign an e-petition; it’s a way to influence change and make your voice heard.

An e-petition can be about anything really, we just ask that you’re nice and clear about what it is that you want to change, there’s a good and bad example below. Keep in mind that these shouldn’t be personal situations, you can contact our customer service team who would be happy to help with anything like that.

A good example is:

"We want Home Group to email all customers when the transparency document on your website is amended."

A bad example is:

"Why do you not let customers know when the transparency document is changed? How am I meant to know that you have changed something without reading it? "

Okay, so you’ve created your e-petition – what now?

  • It’ll be left live for 60 days, within this time you can forward it on to friends, family, or anyone else you think might be interested – remember you can use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.
  • The magic number you’re looking for is 200 signatures, if your petition hits this number it’ll be taken to the board where they’ll talk about it in more detail and we’ll publish the outcome of the meeting.
  • The petition will then be archived, others can see it for another 30 days and then it’ll be taken off the website.

Visit www.homegroupepetitions.org.uk to have your say.