E-petition us

This is where any Home Group customer or client can petition for changes in the way Home Group operates.

Any Home Group customer or client can create or sign an e-petition..




can be about anything; however they must clearly indicate what you are aiming to change.


A good example is:



"We want Home Group to email all customers and clients when the transparency document on your website is amended."



A bad example is:



"Why do you not let customers know when the transparency document is changed? How am I meant to know that you have changed something without reading it? "



You can see looking at the two examples that the top example clearly details what you are petitioning to happen, whereas the second example does not.



Remember: this is not the place to talk about individual incidents.



If you wish to talk about an individual case you should contact our customer service team.



Once a petition has been created, it will be left live for 60 days. Users can then forward their petition to friends, family or others via Facebook or Twitter to help them attract more votes.



If the petition receives 200 signatures, it will then be taken to the board to discuss further. The outcome of the board meeting will then be published.



All petitions will be then archived for others to see for a further 30 days before being removed from the site.



Visit www.homegroupepetitions.org.uk to have your say.