Our customer promise

We're proud to be launching our new customer promise, after a lot of work with you to find out what's important and how you can hold us to account.

Our work to develop the new promise involved talking to 271 customers from Somerset to Dundee and our conversations with customers will continue now we’ve launched our new promise. One of the biggest things you told us was that you wanted to understand what sits underneath each promise:

We promise…

…to provide a safe place to live

  • We’ll guarantee your home meets all fire safety standards and contains a working smoke alarm
  • We’ll make sure gas and electric safety checks are carried out in the required timeframe – it's your responsibility to allow us access to carry out these checks
  • We'll make sure your home is secure and all external doors fully meet the relevant British Standards

…to deliver a reliable repairs service

  • We’ll aim to attend emergency repairs in six hours and make sure any damage is made safe
  • We’ll aim to resolve all standard repairs in 14 days
  • We’ll keep you updated on the status of your repairs and maintenance work and share all relevant information

…to care about you

  • We’ll make our complaints process easy to access and simple to understand
  • We’ll make sure our colleagues have the relevant up to date skills and training
  • We’ll recruit caring colleagues who understand their customers’ individual needs and can offer the support needed

…to help communities grow

  • We'll make local investment to support communities to thrive
  • We’ll carry out inspections to make sure your neighbourhood or service is clean and tidy
  • We'll take strong action where anti-social behaviour happens and work closely with partners to tackle incidents

…to tell you where your money goes

  • We’ll tell you how your rent and service charges are calculated each year
  • We’ll tell you how and why we make decisions on large projects and spend from head office
  • We’ll tell you how and why we spend money on your home and community

…to work together with customers and partners

  • We’ll help you contact agencies who can offer specialist advice, such as the police, charities and your council
  • We’ll work with partner organisations to offer you full support
  • We’ll work with you to receive feedback and improve our services

We need your help to deliver and hold us to our customer promise!

We know you know your communities and neighbourhoods best so will have great ideas of how to celebrate this. And we know we need you to shape how we demonstrate when we’re delivering on the promise, in clear and simple ways.

Email involvement@homegroup.org.uk or call us on 0345 141 4663 to get involved.