Customer and volunteer awards

It’s time to recognise our customers, colleagues and volunteers who inspire others through their actions and achievements.

We’ll be hosting local parties in the winner’s services, neighbourhoods or schemes throughout June - bringing everyone together to celebrate personal achievements, independence and aspirations. And each winner will also be presented with a special recognition award to take home and remember this special time. 



Who is that someone special?

We’re looking for individuals or groups of customers and volunteers who demonstrate any of the following:

  • Comes up with great ideas and delivers activities that have had a positive impact on other customers and Home Group’s services
  • Gets involved or volunteers in their community, neighbourhood or at their service to make a difference to lives of others
  • A positive role model whose actions and behaviours inspire others to think and act differently
  • Someone who goes above and beyond to overcome barriers or difficulties and achieve personal goals
  • Someone who encourages and supports others in everything they do, helping others to develop and flourish

Nominate now!

Anyone can enter our customers and volunteers for an award and it couldn’t be easier - just complete our brief online form.