Case studies:

The Acorns

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Michael, 80, Middlesex

“I wanted to move to a retirement property while I was still active enough to do so.

“I looked at a few in the area but chose Pinner as, despite being 13 miles outside of central London, it feels like a village here.

“When I look out of my front room window all I can see is a cricket pitch and fields.

“Even though it’s just a one bedroom property, it feels spacious and even has ample storage.

“I’ve lived in the area since 1948 so all of my social life is based around here.  I currently have a car, but when the time comes to give it up I will still have a strong community to rely on.

“There’s a Thursday tea afternoon which I make a point of attending.

“The women on the social committee run the place – that suits me just fine.

“I would recommend it 100% to the next person – it’s a jolly good development – everyone I’ve spoken to likes it.”