Transparency data: our costs

We're the first organisation in the UK housing, care and development sector to publish more information about our costs. Here's why we do it.

Being transparent in the way we run our business really matters to us which is why we publish many of our key documents.

But we want to take things further and be the first in UK housing, care and development to publish more information about our costs. We’re a social enterprise so it’s really important you feel reassured we’re spending resources in the best possible way. While Councils and many public bodies have to do this already, we’re doing this because we think it’s the right thing to do.


Here’s some useful information before you get started:


  • The information for each month is updated every four weeks or so
  • Some sums needs a little explanation to help them make sense and you’ll spot these in the footnotes
  • Transparency – a guide to spend types explains what the description of the cost actually means
  • Sometimes commercial confidentiality means we need to replace a creditor’s name with Redacted: Commercial Confidence
  • And sometimes the information is classed as personal data and the Data Protection Act means we cannot publish so instead you’ll see Redacted: Personal Data


If you’d like to see any figures from previous years please drop us an email at