Here is a list of frequently asked questions about procurement at Home Group.

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  • Where can I find tender opportunities for Home Group Limited?

  • Why is the tender process so formal?

    • The process ensures that all suppliers are treated consistently and fairly and that the tender process can be carried out with the highest degrees of transparency, honesty and integrity.

  • At what point are tenders required?

    • Home Group’s governance standards set out the rules that apply to the procurement of goods, services or works.   Where appropriate, these rules are applied in conjunction with the EU Procurement Directive.  All tender activity for contracts with a value exceeding £10,000 will be transacted via Home Group’s electronic tender portal
  • What is the EU Procurement Directive?

    • Public procurement in the UK and the rest of the European Union is governed by a number of directives and regulations which are then implemented in national legislation.  

      The regulations apply if the expected contract value exceeds the thresholds stated in the EU Procurement Directive.

      The EU Procurement Thresholds for 2015 are as follows:
      •    Supplies: £172,514
      •    Services: £172,514
      •    Works: £4,322,012

      These Regulations are legally binding on Home Group and it is illegal to break up contracts to avoid the application of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.   

      The Regulations also require Home Group to advertise contracts in an electronic publication called the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

      Further guidance on the EU Procurement Directive can be found at:
  • How is a tender assessed?

    • Tender evaluation criteria are included within any Invitation to Tender issued by Home Group.  

      Possible criteria are price, service, quality of goods, running costs, technical merit, previous experience, delivery date, cost effectiveness, quality, relevant environmental considerations, aesthetic and functional characteristics, safety, after-sales services, technical assistance and any other relevant matters.

      Tender evaluation criteria are agreed by the selection panel established as part of the tender project.
  • Who decides whom to award a tender to?

    • The selection panel established as part of the tender project evaluate the tenders received in line with pre-agreed evaluation criteria.   

      The tenderer that meets all of Home Group’s requirements and receives the highest score for their tender evaluation will be awarded the contract available.
  • Can I join an existing framework agreement?

    • No, in accordance with EU regulations suppliers may not be added to existing frameworks.

      Suppliers interested in getting involved in our frameworks should participate in the tendering process when the framework is renewed.