Supplier code of conduct

Home Group continually strives to promote high standards of business behaviour and social responsibility.

We expect fairness and dignity for the people and in the communities where we operate.   



This includes the products, goods and services provided by our suppliers through the supply chain.



It is extremely important to Home Group that all suppliers, working on our behalf, represent us in a manner that enhances our reputation and enriches our activities with customers and clients, colleagues and stakeholders.



We also expect all suppliers to adhere to Home Group’s core values:


•    Caring


•    Accountable


•    Energised


•    Commercial


Key principles for suppliers


•    Laws & ethical standards – a supplier will comply with all laws applicable to its business.   



•    Child labour – suppliers will not use child labour.   The term ‘child’ refers to any person employed under the age of 16.   We support the use of legitimate workplace apprenticeship programmes which comply with all appropriate legislation and regulations relating to such apprenticeship programmes.



•    Modern Slavery – suppliers will not be involved in any activity which could constitute slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour or human trafficking in whatever form.



•    Compensation & working hours – all suppliers shall comply with the respective national laws and regulations relating to working hours, wages and benefits.



•    Discrimination – suppliers will not discriminate in hiring or employment practices on grounds of race, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation, sex, gender reassignment, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity or disability.



•    Harassment & bullying – suppliers will treat all employees with respect and shall not use any form of psychological or physical intimidation or harassment.



•    Health & safety – suppliers should provide a safe and hygienic working environment that minimises health and safety risks and supports accident prevention for all of their employees.   Home Group is committed to providing a positive and proactive working environment which supports health and safety of our customers, clients, colleagues and third parties.   Home Group expects all suppliers to work with us to comply with health and safety legislation requirements and to reduce risks to the health and wellbeing for the people we come in to contact with.



•    Business continuity planning – where appropriate, suppliers should be prepared for any disruptions to their business (e.g. natural disasters, terrorism, software viruses, illness, infectious diseases) with disaster plans in place to protect their employees and the environment, as far as possible, and to ensure a continuity plan is in place to minimise disruption to ongoing trading and delivery of goods or services to Home Group.



•    Improper payments / bribery – Home Group is committed to operating with honesty and integrity in all of its business activities and promotes a culture of anti-bribery and anti-corruption across the organisation.  We expect our suppliers to operate with honesty, integrity and transparency in all business activities, and comply with bribery laws including The Bribery Act 2010.



•    Environment – all suppliers will comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards.   Suppliers must endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of their activities (e.g. resource consumption, air pollution, water consumption, recycling and waste production and the management of hazardous materials.   Suppliers must also disclose any required information and provide applicable data to Home Group to demonstrate their environmental performance.



•    Subcontractors – a principal supplier is expected to share these key principles with its subcontractors and other business partners who are involved in supplying the products and services described in the main contract.