Procurement and corporate social responsibility

The procurement team is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for Home Group and its customers, clients and colleagues.

We seek to utilise the contracts that they put in place to convert Home Group’s investment in construction, maintenance and the supply of goods, services and other works into job and training opportunities and to support locals businesses and SMEs.



We will also pursue environmentally friendly procurement through the evaluation of the environmental impact of the contracts awarded.   



This will focus on the use of whole life costs in procurement decisions, adopting the principle of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ or selecting low-energy alternatives.


There are five themes underlying our CSR commitment.

  • Inspiring Futures

    • Through our supply chain we will support the creation of additional job and training opportunities for the unemployed and those socially disadvantaged.

      •    Number of apprentices engaged
      •    Work placement / other training opportunities (hours)
      •    Community project / volunteering (hours)
      •    Management time committed to social enterprise schemes (hours)
      •    Financial contributions to community / social initiatives
      •    Gifts donated by suppliers / subcontractors to community / social Initiatives
      •    Cash and fundraising achievements
  • Socially aware sourcing

    • All new and existing contractors and suppliers will be expected to demonstrate their active promotion of diversity within their workplace and business.

      •    Working towards or accredited with CITB Be Fair or similar equality accreditation
      •    Contract clauses
      •    PQQ E&D should be weighted appropriately depending on the subject of the contract being awarded
  • SME engagement

    • To increase the level of business opportunities to social enterprises and SMEs.   Within 4 years at least 10% of our contracts will be awarded to SMEs.

      •    Number of SME and social enterprise opportunities created (companies with fewer than 250 employees and turnover of <£40m.

      As part of the sourcing strategy, Home Group will consider the potential to:
      •    use reapportionment to break down larger contracts to match SME and social enterprise capacity,
      •    encourage larger suppliers to sub-contract to local SMEs and social enterprises
      •    hold supplier briefings prior to issuing invitations to tender to explore innovation and ensure that specifications are deliverable by the marketplace
      •    promote diversity and combat discrimination to create equal opportunities
  • Living wage

    • Home Group ensure that colleagues are given a fair reward for their labours and help foster a loyal and motivated workforce by paying the living wage. Home Group encourages the adoption of the living wage into its supply chain.

      •    Annual supplier survey
  • Supporting sustainable procurement

    • The procurement team aims to protect the environment, contribute to conserving natural resources and biodiversity, and combat climate change.

      We will endeavour to raise awareness of the world’s environmental challenges and champion the need for behavioural changes among all categories/suppliers concerned with our supply chain.

      We will encourage partners, subcontractors and suppliers to adhere to Home Group values and make their own contribution to our sustainable development of our communities.

      We will require our category managers to promote responsible practices among our supply chains, by encouraging better attitudes and strategies to energy and resource consumption.

      •    Use of water and energy on site
      •    Life cycle costs
      •    Site waste management
      •    Renewables and whole house installation