All purchasing decisions are based on value for money. The focus is not just on getting the price down, but balancing whole life cost and fitness for purpose, while meeting European Union (EU) rules and treating suppliers fairly.

Home Group does not have an approved suppliers list or database and therefore suppliers should not request to be registered on such a list.



The procurement process



Contained within Home Group’s governance standards are the rules that apply to the procurement of goods, services or works.   



Where appropriate, these rules are applied in conjunction with the EU Procurement Directive.  



All tender activity for contracts with a value exceeding £10,000 will be transacted via Home Group’s electronic tender portal


In summary:



Value threshold (exclusive of VAT) - >£0 - £1,000


Business colleague obtain verbal quotations from at least 3 potential suppliers



Value threshold (exclusive of VAT) - >£1,000 - £10,000


Business colleague obtain written quotations from at least 3 potential suppliers



Value threshold (exclusive of VAT) - >£10,000 - £172,514 (>£4,322,012 for works contracts)


Traditional tender process advertised and transacted via



Value threshold (exclusive of VAT) - >£172,514 for goods and services / >£4,322,012 for works


Tender process for goods and/or services, regulated by the EU Procurement Directive and following Public Contracts Regulations 2015, advertised and transacted via


Advertising tender opportunities

Where the EU Procurement Directive dictates that contracts must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), Home Group will take the necessary steps to ensure that this is done and in line with expected timescales.



To search for relevant contracts please visit the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website which is maintained by the European Commission.



Alternatively, the UK Government has recently re-established Contracts Finder as its contract notice facility.   



Under the Government’s public contract regulations, all OJEU contract notices advertised in TED will be additionally released on Contracts Finder with the aim to further stimulate the UK market. Please follow this link to access advertised opportunities.



Contracts which are below the EU thresholds are not legally required to be advertised in OJEU.   



Home Group will advertise these opportunities via    



This electronic tender portal brings additional benefits of secure, efficient on-line document exchange and a robust audit trail of all transactions within the system.  



Suppliers interested in working with Home Group can register for free via the ‘supplier’s area’ and following the registration instructions.   



The portal is also used by several other Housing Associations across the UK.  



Once registered as a supplier, suppliers have visibility of all tender opportunities, in addition to Home Group’s.