Home Procurement Solutions

Utilising the skills and experiences within Home Group’s procurement team, we can also provide a procurement service to other organisations.

We are able to tailor solutions to meet specific organisational needs for all procurement related services. Our key headlines and core services are outlined below.



We can also provide access to existing Home Group supplier agreements (subject to certain conditions).



If you wish to speak to a member of the procurement team in Home Group, our central number is 0191 290 7635 or alternatively email us via procurement@homegroup.org.uk.


  • EU Procurement Directive tender management

    • •    complete tender activity on behalf of other organisations which is fully compliant with public sector and EU procurement regulations
  • Procurement audit / health check

    • •    analysis of the current procurement practices, strengths and weaknesses
      •    a quantitative analysis of existing expenditure by category, supplier and opportunity
      •    provide a final report and a series of opportunities and recommendations to enable you to get the most out of your procurement activity
  • Development of a procurement strategy

    • •    provision of a current state analysis and strategy including proposed structures, broad costs and benefits for presentation to senior management
  • Support for existing staff

    • •    undertake evaluations of existing contracts– identifying tender / cost opportunities
      •    undertake remedial action work for any under-performing current contracts
      •    provide category management support for existing contracts
      •    ensure all legal obligations are met and that tenders generate real savings for your organisation
  • Maintenance contract managment

    • •    Implementation of specific maintenance KPIs and contract management framework. A review of current maintenance contract performance and identification of improvement opportunities
      •    Ensure maintenance contractors provide an excellent service to your customers
  • Customer involvement

    • •    Development of a strategy for involving housing customers in procurement activity
      •    Supply a training package and delivery of procurement training for housing customers
  • Transforming your procurement activity

    • •    work with you to develop an efficient, effective procurement structure for your organisation
      •    develop job descriptions and support interview panels to ensure you recruit the right candidates