Queens Park phases of development

Find out about the phases of development at Queens Park.

Following our initial consultations in November 2017 and one to one meetings with all residents about the regeneration of Queens Park, we have been working on the designs and proposals for the new development.

Since January 2018, a number of customers and home owners have moved away from Queens Park and more will follow in the coming months.

Artist impression queens park

We have submitted a planning application for the redevelopment of part of Queens Park and are in the process of awaiting the outcome from Copeland Borough Council.

This will comprise of 66 new homes for outright sale and a small number for affordable rent.

The house types will include:

  • 12 two bedroomed houses – open market sale
  • 21 three bedroomed houses – open market sale
  • 8 four bedroomed houses – open market sale
  • 5 two bedroomed bungalows – open market sale
  • 6 three bedroomed dormer bungalows – open market sale
  • 4 two bedroomed houses – social rent
  • 4 three bedroomed houses – social rent
  • 2 four bedroomed houses – social rent
  • 4 two bedroomed bungalows – social rent

As the scheme progress we will outline all the phases with more detail.