Queens Park vision

Following a series of information sessions with customers and owner occupiers Home Group is progressing proposals to regenerate the Queens Park estate.

To enable us to make a decision for the opportunities for regeneration we considered three regeneration options:
  1. Continue to maintain the estate to current standards
  2. Financially this would be unviable to repair all Home Group homes as inefficient use of space on the estate would persist and customers continue to live in properties that are poorly insulated, over crowded or under-occupied and costly to heat.

  3. Redevelop the whole estate
  4. The condition of properties in the wider area are of a different construction and don’t have the same problems as the flat roof properties. Full regeneration will take a number of years.

  5. The proposed option - partial regeneration of Queens Park focusing on the area of flat roof properties
  6. The Queens Park estate has a range of property types and as such different approaches are required. For example, the flat roof properties suffer inherent problems due to outdated construction including roof leaks and damp. As such, remedial repairs are unviable as the properties are past their lifespan.

In addition to material design, the layout has resulted in some poor quality streets and roads within the estate, which has been supported through feedback from our customers from the initial information sessions held in November 2017. Our findings also include that customers are concerned about the lack of pavement to walk on and back gardens also access onto the streets or form alleyways between properties resulting in fly-tipping and anti-social behavior.

Partial regeneration of this area is considered the most appropriate approach and will aim to ensure customers are re-housed into properties that better suit their household needs, addressing overcrowding or under-occupation issues. The approach will also seek to provide a mix of properties to reflect the broad range of home owners in Millom and contribute to achieving a truly mixed and balanced community.

Our proposals will deliver a number of benefits to current and future residents of Queens Park which include providing new homes on the estate which are modern, energy efficient and sustainable; better integration to the surrounding areas, as well as providing support and sourcing homes that are suitable for the household needs of our customers within Millom and the wider area.