Queens Park FAQs

We've collected frequently asked questions from residents about the regeneration of Queens Park.

What are the aims of the Queens Park regeneration?

We aim to redevelop the estate and replace the existing properties with new, modern homes. We are committed to providing affordable homes and homes for outright sale due to the surplus of Home Group properties within Millom and the surrounding area.

When will demolition begin on Queens Park?

We currently do not have a definitive programme and our priority is to ensure all customers are provided with assistance to ensure a suitable property is sourced as part of their permanent move away from Queens Park. The programme will be led by how quickly properties can be sourced, which has currently started. Once we have a programme, this will be issued to all residents.

If my property is adjoined to a property owned by an owner occupier who will not be selling their property to Home Group, do I still have to move?

You do not need to move away if your property is attached to an owner occupier’s property that is remaining. However, we are keen to ensure all customers are moved off Queens Park due to the poor quality and disrepair of all flat roof constructed properties. We have now been in contact with all home owners who have expressed an interest to be bought back and are progressing these purchases.

If I own a shed, will Home Group dismantle and erect at my new property or provide me with a new shed?

Yes if the shed has permission and is in a fit state of repair to be moved.

How long will I have to move once a property is found for me?

This will depend on the amount of work that is required to ensure the property is up to standard. Once the level of works have been determined, we will then work with you to arrange a mutually convenient date for your move.

Can I refuse a property that is offered to me?

Home Group would be able to offer you two properties as part of the allocation of alternative homes.  This means households will be able to refuse one property offer only, provided that the refusal is based on reasonable grounds e.g. the property offer is too far from your current place of work.  If more than one refusal has taken place, this will be referred to a member of the regeneration team for review. As properties sourced would be from customers individual requirements after discussing with them at a one to one meeting, we hope that there would be no need to refuse a property.

Will Home Group be providing new homes for customers to move back onto Queens Park?

The proposals have planned for some social rented properties in the new development. Home Group customers would need to apply for these properties via the Cumbria Choice Based Lettings system should they express an interest to move back to Queens Park. However as all customers would already be housed into suitable accommodation away from Queens Park as part of the move process, they may not be eligible.

Will I be able to report repairs through to the customer service centre for my property on Queens Park until I move into my new home?

Yes. Please continue to call our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663 where repairs will be dealt with in the same way.

How will properties be prioritised and allocated as there are a number of customers required to move away from Queens Park?

All homes will be allocated in accordance with the decant charter by Home Group and Home Group's allocation policy. The charter will explains the priority process for the allocation of homes.  All customers have been issued with a copy of the decant charter.

Will my existing tenancy be protected?

Yes, your tenancy rights will not diminish when you move to another home away from Queens Park.

If I have installed items at my Queens Park home with permission from Home Group, will Home Group relocate these to my new property?

Yes, for those customers who have obtained permission, items can be relocated where possible.  This will be discussed on an individual basis with each household.

When will the flat topped properties on Queens Park be demolished?

This will be determined by all remaining customers in the flat topped properties being found suitable alternative homes, but we are working towards all properties being empty by August 2019.

When will the building work commence on Queens Park and what are the anticipated timescales?

The aim is to begin building works following the demolition of empty properties in autumn 2019; this will be dependent on all houses being empty and planning permission being granted.

How will Home Group ensure the security of the estate prior to work beginning?

Prior to demolishing and residents remaining in Queens Park we are looking into the possibility of housing guardians in some of the empty properties on a short term basis. Guardians provide short-term, affordable living to key workers and young professionals. We are in discussions with a company who provides them and we will update you prior to us moving forward with any proposals. Home Group monitors the condition and security of the estate during the decanting period and take any necessary action to resolve any issues should they occur.