About Queens Park

Queens Park estate

Queens Park in Millom is a housing estate developed by Home Group of predominantly concrete flat roof properties built in the 1940s. There are 66 of the concrete constructed homes, 49 affordable rented belonging to Home Group and 17 privately owned.

A severely outdated design, properties have resulted in:

  • A low-quality building appearance, particularly within the flat roof properties, and poor stock condition
  • The quality of homes on the estate has decreased significantly in recent years and the estate currently requires major investment to tackle its poor thermal performance
  • There is a mix of properties not suited to demand
  • Poorly designed public spaces and poor links through to the wider area

Home Group would have to spend over £2.5 million on planned maintenance over the next 30 years. Rather than trying to extend the life of these homes, we believe this £2.5 million could be better used being put towards the costs to regenerate the estate to provide some new affordable rented homes along with new homes for sale and investment into other Home Group properties within the area.

When considering estate regeneration, Home Group follows a detailed governance process to support the way it makes decisions about its homes.

As a result, partial regeneration is a way to dramatically reduce fuel poverty while also improving health and wellbeing.

The estate has road access to the M6 and major employment locations on the Cumbrian west coast. There is also a 20 minute train link to Sellafield/Moorefield station.