Douglas Bader Park phases of development

Because of the scale of regeneration, the development would be carried out over three phases.

At least 390 private homes will need to be delivered in Phases 2 and 3 to fund the redevelopment of the scheme with Phase 1 being wholly affordable. These will be a mix of one and two bedroom flats, with potentially some three bedroom flats as well. As a minimum, we’ll be re-providing the 271 affordable homes currently on the estate.

You all know which demolition phase you are in, and this information can be found in the landlord offer document. As we now have everyone’s household need and reviewed some changes, we’re in the process of working out which phase your new home will be in as part of the new development and therefore which phase you will be moving in to.

phasing plan web 19

We hope to be able to confirm this in the next few months and we will be writing to everyone to let you know what phase you’re in. 

Phase 1

New homes will be built to replace 1-27 North Green and 52-64 Linklea Close.

Phase 2

New homes will be built to replace 1-9 South Green, 1-36 Parklea Close, 1-21 Larch Green, 1-36 Brooklea Close and 19, 20 and 21 Willow Green.

Phase 3

New homes will be built to replace 1-18 Willow Green, 1-36 Highlea Close, 1-21 Birch Green and 1-51 Linklea Close.

What the new estate will look like

To help fund the regeneration, we’ll increase the number of homes on the estate, including some for private sale. Selling these homes will help to fund your new homes, along with grant availablethrough the Greater London Authority. The new Douglas Bader Park has been designed with your input, to modern standards and with an improved layout to better relate to the surrounding area. 

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to you about outdoor spaces on the current estate. We want to make sure any new spaces encourage a healthy and vibrant community, bringing people together and enabling community events. 

Two key green spaces, one at the heart of the scheme and a smaller neighbourhood green towards the north, will provide a variety of play and leisure opportunities. We’ll also open up access to the green space running down the west of the site, allowing walking routes to connect to Heybourne Park and beyond.