Douglas Bader Park vision

Home Group's vision for the regeneration of Douglas Bader Park estate.

Our proposals will deliver a number of benefits to current and future customers of Douglas Bader Park, including potentially providing new homes on the estate and improving communal areas, landscaping and security.

Home Group will be providing new homes for all existing customers on secure tenancies and is keen to work closely with them on the regeneration plans.

In April 2016 we carried out a full assessment of Douglas Bader Park which identified that homes within the estate are failing to meet those aspirations.

After considering all other options we have concluded estate regeneration is the best course of action to deliver long-term benefits to our current and future customers. The majority of homes on the estate fail to meet London Plan space standards and due to their outdated construction method will continue to decline without significant investment.

Many of the estate’s properties are in a poor state of repair and provide sub-standard accommodation for our customers. The quality of existing properties is also having a direct, negative impact on lettings and the number of rental voids across the estate is increasing.

We would need to spend over £6.6 million on planned maintenance over next 30 years as well as around £2 million on structural/thermal repair costs. Rather than extending the life of these unsatisfactory homes we believe the £8.6 million could be better used to provide high quality affordable homes for you.

Estate regeneration will not only ensure customers who would like to stay on the estate can return to a new, high-quality home which meets the needs of their households and modern standards, but will also provide a mix of properties to reflect the broad range of home owners in Barnet and contribute to achieving a truly mixed and balanced community. 

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