Douglas Bader Park information and documents

We’ll keep this page updated with all the latest information about Douglas Bader Park as it becomes available.

The planning application

As you are aware, we had originally hoped to submit a planning application in the autumn of 2018. However, following all of our engagement sessions, workshops and door knocking it is clear that we cannot develop a scheme until the above commitments are realised and we can guarantee further benefits. 

Whilst we have spoken to many customers we still haven’t been able to speak with everyone. Work is ongoing to fix that. We are aware that without a fixed timescale it is difficult for you to plan ahead. However, we are working hard to make sure we take into account all of the information we have gathered so far and that any promises we make are kept.

• It is likely that the renewal of Douglas Bader Park will be done in phases, which will be set by a masterplan

• We cannot begin any development until a detailed application is submitted and approved by London Borough of Barnet