Questions and answers around the regeneration of Douglas Bader Park

We've collected frequently asked questions from customers about the regeneration of Douglas Bader Park.

The proposed development

What are the aims of the Douglas Bader Park Regeneration?

We know that the existing homes are poorly designed with inadequate space standards. This has led to maintenance challenges, inadequate parking and anti social behaviour. We also know that there is a strong community of customers who deserve better quality homes. We aim to redevelop the estate and replace the existing properties with new, modern homes, as well as build additional homes. We are committed to providing homes our customers want to live in and wish to ensure that all customers have quality homes which promote social cohesion, well-being and self-dependence.

How many new homes will be provided?

We will be providing over 600 homes on the estate, with the final quantity, tenure and mix to be subject to financial viability and discussions with London Borough of Barnet and the Greater London Authority. Any surplus made on new build homes for sale will be used to provide more affordable homes on the estate.

Will everyone currently living at Douglas Bader Park be guaranteed a new home?

Yes. anyone who would like to be rehoused on Douglas Bader Park will be guaranteed a new home with your existing tenancy rights protected.

Will my existing tenancy be protected?

Yes, your tenancy rights will not change.

What will current customers gain from the regeneration?

We are still developing our proposals in consultation with customers so plans are still evolving however we can guarantee that customers will gain a number of benefits including:



• New, modern and larger homes (as most of the homes are currently below London Plan standards for their bedroom sizes)



• A ranges of choices for your new home including selection of kitchens, bathrooms and carpets



• Cheaper running costs through energy-efficient design



• More useable green spaces and open spaces



• Improved parking



• A private balcony or garden



• Increased security and a reduction in anti-social behaviour through intelligent design

Will my rent stay the same?

If your new home has the same number of bedrooms as your current home, your rental terms will be the same. If you have more or less bedrooms, this will affect the rent you pay.

How involved will Home Group be with their customers at Douglas Bader Park?

We are committed to working with customers in a number of different ways to give you the chance to get involved in the planning and design of the new homes and the wider estate. This includes:

• Information sessions



• Design workshops



• Group workshops and discussions



• Informal coffee mornings



• Door knocks



• Feedback forms

As we move forward in our engagement we will undertake one-to-one meetings with all households so that we have a full understanding of household need, what your family requirements are as well as medical and mobility needs.

Why was May 2017 the first time customers heard of the plans?

Home Group completed a 100% stock survey in early 2017 and Douglas Bader Park has been highlighted that it would benefit from regeneration. Our first information session with our customers in May 2017 introduced the regeneration, with a number of information sessions, design workshops, site visits and coffee mornings to date.

Have Home Group already submitted a planning application?


What is an outline application and what is reserved matters?

An application for outline planning permission allows for a decision on the general principles of how a site can be developed. Outline planning permission is granted subject to conditions requiring the subsequent approval of one or more ‘reserved matters’.

Reserved matters are those aspects of a proposed development which an applicant can choose not to submit details of with an outline planning application, (i.e. they can be ‘reserved’ for later determination). These include the appearance of the buildings, any detailed landscape proposals, access, layout and scale.

We could not begin any building work without a detailed planning permission.

What is the timeline of the process up until the redevelopment begins?

We had originally hoped to submit a planning application in the autumn of this year. However, following all of our engagement sessions, workshops and door knocking it is clear that we cannot develop a scheme until the above commitments are realised and we can guarantee further benefits.

Whilst we have spoken to many customers we still haven’t been able to speak with everyone. Work is ongoing to fix that. We are aware that without a fixed timescale it is difficult for you to plan ahead. However, we are working hard to make sure we take into account all of the information we have gathered so far and that any promises we make are kept.

If the regeneration goes ahead how long will the build programme take?

We currently do not have a definitive programme and our priority is to ensure all customers are provided with information, support and an understanding of what the new homes will offer first. Our approach is centred on getting things right for our customers.

Will there be any retail/commercial units as part of the new development?

It is unlikely that the new development will include any retail as we have had no feedback that this would be required.

Will there be any public space and, if so, when will it be provided?

Yes, we hope to create public spaces across the new development and have held a specific workshop on the subject.

Will there be any changes to the car parking? How many spaces will be re-provided?

We will be governed by planning policy on car parking and Barnet Council are keen to provide parking where necessary. Our current plans increase parking on the estate.

New Home Information

Will my new property be like for like?

We are currently looking at a number of options to support customers in their new home. This will range from identifying households that want a smaller home, providing customers with larger homes for those that are over-crowded as well as offering an extra room for customers that would like one.

When we began the engagement and consultation process in May 2017, we did share that new homes would be allocated based on housing need.

We have listened to your feedback and have changed the way we will allocate new homes We will allocate you a home with an extra room if that is your choice.

We are still working on more details and we will write to you with our formal regeneration offer, including the way we will allocate homes.

Will the new properties all be flats?

No. We hope to provide a mixture of houses, flats and maisonettes.

Will new houses have gardens?

As part of planning policy, we must provide a certain amount of ‘amenity space’ for each new home. This is dependent on the size and type of the new home but will either be a garden or balcony, or both.

Will I have to move off-site temporarily for build works to progress?

We are still refining our plans based on consultation feedback. We know that the phasing and move decant process is something customers are keen to find out about and we are aiming to provide more detail in the next few weeks.

We are planning to minimise the impact of the number of moves decants as we know this is stressful and are aiming to keep all customers that do move off temporarily decants in the Barnet area.

When you need to be moved away from the estate, decanted – we will manage the whole decant process for you to make sure we minimise the upheaval.

When will I need to vacate my current property and when will I be able to move into the new home?

The building of new homes is unlikely to begin for at least 18 months. Once regeneration is approved, any customer who wish to leave Douglas Bader Park can do so and will receive their homeloss and disturbance payment immediately.

Am I guaranteed in securing a new home as part of the redevelopment?

Yes, all Home Group customers on a secure tenancy will be provided with a new affordable home should they wish to be a part of the regeneration.

Will I be able to personalise my new home?

Yes. We aim to provide a Residents Choice with the opportunity for all customers to choose options for their new home including kitchens and flooring as well as other items.

Am I able to move to another borough/district and at what point can this happen?

We are aware that there are a number of households that wish to move away from the estate on a permanent basis. We will be working closely with Barnet Council and our Home Group Housing.

Team to assist those customers that do not wish to be a part of the regeneration. More information about this will be issued further along the line. If you have changed your mind and are considering to move way, please let us know.

Will I be given money to help me with my move?

Yes. We will pay you a minimum of £6,100 which is the current statutory home loss payment. All customers will also get a disturbance payment which are other costs associated with moving. These include:

• Removal costs (paid directly to the removal contractor including supply of boxes, bubble wrap and tape)



• Redirection of mail (up to six months for each member of the household)



• Disconnection and reconnection of white good appliances from your existing home into your new or temporary home, which include; gas or electric cooker / fridge and freezer / washing machine / dishwasher / tumble dryer



• Telephone reconnection (where there is a reconnection charge by the service provider)



• Sky/cable reconnection (where there is a reconnection charge by the service provider)



• Reimbursement for one day off work (if the main tenant is unable to take time off work on the moving day)

We will manage this whole process for you to keep this as stress free as possible.

Will the new homes be bigger than our current properties?

All new homes will be in line with current building standards. At present only two properties on the estate meet the current space standards set down in the London Plan.

I have pets, will I be able to take them to my new home?


I have spent money on my flat/home over the past few years. Will I be compensated?

We will pay you the statutory home loss payment. All Home Group customers will be compensated to the amount of £6,100.

What is the internal square meterage of my current home?

Aproximately the following applies:

•Bedsit = 30.2sqm



•1 bed flat (2 person) flat = 45sqm



•2 bed flat (3 person) = 55sqm



•3 bed flat (4 person) = 60sqm



•2 bed houses(4 person) = 64sqm



•3 bed houses(5 person) = 70sqm



•4 bed houses (7 person) = 72sqm

Works, Access & Car Parking

How can I learn about the project progress?

We will keep you updated through letters, invitations to workshops and information sessions coffee mornings, and our website. If you would like to have a chat or meet with us, please get in touch.

Will I be living on a building site?

At this stage we are not sure of the phasing but every effort will be made to make sure your move into your new home is as smooth as possible.

Will access be retained during construction?

Yes, there will always be safe routes through and around the estate where possible once construction starts.

Are roads in the vicinity likely to be affected during the construction? Are there any closures/diversions planned?

Once we start construction there will be construction vehicles on the site but you will be kept informed throughout the programme.

Will I lose my current car parking space?

This is possible, but every effort will be made to ensure you have space to park your car throughout the construction programme.

Future Consultations

What happened after the first information session?

The ideas and views collated will be discussed with Planning Officers at Barnet Council and we have continued to provide feedback to all customers with an opportunity for involvement from customers that haven’t had a chance to get involved.

What consultation events have you held so far?

So far we have held;

•3 information events



•4 Design Workshops



•2 focus groups



•7 coffee mornings



•2 Visits to other developments



•One to one conversations with the majority of customers

Will my views/comments be taken into consideration?

Yes, this is why we have held a number of information and engagement sessions. At the design workshops no designs were provided as we want to ensure we involve you from the beginning. Further sessions will be held before any planning submission with an opportunity for all customers to comment on and view the final proposals.

Will there be more consultations and sessions organised by Home Group and how will I be notified about them?

Yes, there will be a number of sessions over the coming months providing you with more information around the upcoming proposals. Information will also be issued by letter and on the website. If you would prefer to be notified by email, please let us know.

Is there a Residents Group for Douglas Bader Park?

Yes, we have a Residents Association. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

Contact us

We have dedicated contacts if you have a question or require more information.

Please contact Yvette Richards, Regeneration Officer, Home Group on 07823789395 or email and she will be happy to have a chat or meet you.