Douglas Bader Park


This is your chance to have your say on the future of Douglas Bader Park. Vote YES and make sure your vote counts.DBP vote yes

Three reasons to vote YES for the regeneration of Douglas Bader Park:

1. We’ll support you to stay locally during the rebuild

You’ll receive a statutory home loss payment, currently set by the government as £6,300. You’ll also receive £2,500 towards moving and other associated costs. If you’re away for longer than 12 months you’d get an additional £6,300.

2. We’ll provide a better home for everyone

All new homes at Douglas Bader Park will be built to larger standards which means well-insulated, larger spaces. Every home will have its own outdoor space. Nearly a third of families on the estate are currently living in overcrowded situations. The regeneration will provide suitable accommodation for everyone.

3. We’ll improve security and tackle anti-social behaviour

The new estate will meet Secured by Design principles approved by the Metropolitan Police. We’ll have a dedicated full time role to work with residents to deliver community development activities like helping people get into work and providing opportunities for young people.

Remember, there are four ways to vote:

  • By postal vote, returned directly to ERS, using the pre-paid envelope which has been provided
  • With a unique code to vote through a secure website
  • Using a unique code to vote by text
  • By telephone voting
  • You’ll find more information and your security codes on the ballot papers sent out by ERS