Concorde Close FAQs

We've collected frequently asked questions from customers about the regeneration of Concorde Close.

Current proposals

What is the current status of the regeneration proposal at present?

Home Group submitted a planning application to The London Borough of Hounslow in October 2018 for the regeneration of Concorde Close. Although this application was recommended for approval, it was refused at planning committee in January 2019.

Why was it refused?

Despite planning officers recommending the scheme for approval, councillors felt that there were concerns over the impact of the development on neighbouring properties.  The specific reasons stated in the planning determination were:

  1. The proposal, by reason of its scale and height would be an intrusive development, out of scale and character with the prevailing pattern of development in the immediate locality. Thus, it is contrary to Policies 7.4 and 7.6 of London Plan and Policies CC1, CC2 and SC4 of Local Plan.
  2. The proposal, by reason of its scale and position close to the boundaries of the site with 69 Lampton Road and 15 to 25 Lampton Park Road properties, would be an overbearing and unneighbourly form of development, resulting in increased overlooking, a loss of light and outlook and an increase in the sense of enclosure for surrounding neighbours. Thus, it is contrary to Policies 7.4 and 7.6 of London Plan and Policies CC1 and CC2 of Local Plan.

What has Home Group been doing since the planning refusal?

Since the refusal, we have sought advice from a range of stakeholders and experts on how to proceed. As a result, we have decided not to appeal the refusal.

We’re committed to carrying out a full review of the refused scheme and revisiting the feasibility of the four options for Concorde Close.

These options include:

  1. Ongoing maintenance
  2. Refurbishment
  3. Part refurbishment / part redevelopment
  4. Full redevelopment scheme

What is meant by “ongoing maintenance”?

Repairs will be made to the properties as and when reported through our normal repairs reporting process on our website or to our customer service centre on 0345 141 4663

You will also have noticed that, following a visit by the Metropolitan Police, we have carried out further security works to the estate, including fob access doors and additional fencing.

What is meant by a “refurbishment”?

Under this option, the building would look very similar to how it looks now, but we would refurbish to try to achieve the housing need for the customers who live on the estate. This would mean a complete re-configuration of parts of the building to form larger homes and would require the building to be unoccupied (i.e. customers would need to move out temporarily) to carry out the works. We would also look to improve the sustainability of the building through insulation and roof works, among other measures.

What is meant by a “part refurbishment / part redevelopment”?

This option is similar to the refurbishment option, though we would also look to provide new homes on some of the spaces on the estate, including the garage areas.

What is meant by a “revised redevelopment scheme”?

We want to test this with customers and neighbours, to ensure all the information gathered through the design workshops had been taken into account and any changes were explained.

Have you presented the four options to customers at Concorde Close?

Yes. In July 2019, Home Group presented the above options to customers, neighbours and members to gain initial thoughts. At these sessions, we promised to come back to everyone with more information and our next steps in September 2019.

Since then, we have been assessing and analysing the options from our ongoing maintenance programme right through to the redevelopment option.

We’re committed to involving everyone in our proposals and we will get in touch with all stakeholders ahead of any decision we progress with.

Why didn’t Home Group appeal?

We sought advice from many consultants, including a planning lawyer, who agreed that we should not appeal the current scheme and look at other options for the estate. Also, we were advised that the planning inspectorate are struggling with workload so we may not have had a decision for another 18 months, and even then this wasn’t guaranteed to be a positive one.

Current security and ongoing maintenance

What has Home Group been doing about our security concerns at Concorde Close?

In April 2019, Home Group arranged a visit by the Metropolitan Police to carry out a Secured by Design visit and make subsequent recommendations to improve the security on the estate.

We are committed to carrying out every recommendation made in the Secured by Design Report and carried out all works over the period of September to October 2019.

We encourage feedback from our customers on this matter and issues with subsequent implementation of these recommendations. Please contact Home Group’s customer service centre on 0345 141 4663.

Why can’t Home Group put a gate on the road on the entrance to Concorde Close?

Concorde Close's road is owned and managed (adopted) by the Highway Department at London Borough of Hounslow. We don’t have the right to do any works to this road.

Revised redevelopment option

What would be the aims of Concorde Close revised redevelopment option?

If we were to pursue this option, we would aim to provide new, modern homes our customers want to live in, that would suit the household needs of those living on the estate at the moment. We would part fund the redevelopment of the estate by building additional new homes for sale.

What will current customers gain from a redevelopment option?

Some benefits of this option include:

  • New, modern and larger homes (as most of the homes are currently below London Plan standards for their bedroom sizes)
  • Lower running costs through energy-efficient design
  • More useable green spaces and open spaces
  • Increased security and a reduction in anti-social behaviour through intelligent design

How many new homes will be provided?

This would depend on the option we take forward. As we do not have any concrete designs at this stage, we are unable to clarify this. However, the final quantity, tenure and mix is to be subject to viability and discussions with the London Borough of Hounslow and the Greater London Authority.

If the redevelopment goes ahead, how long before it starts?

If this option was the one taken forward, we would need to complete a brand new planning application. We would of course involve our customers and neighbours in the design process and it would likely take 6-8 months to prepare a submission.

Hounslow Council have 13 weeks to determine an application and it would then go to planning committee for approval. We would need to move our customers into suitable temporary homes ahead of beginning any works so it would therefore be at the minimum of around 12-18 months before a new development could begin.

If the regeneration goes ahead how long will the build programme take?

It is likely to take a number of years as we want to ensure any development is delivered properly, minimising disruption and ensuring the best possible outcome for our customers. Timescales will be clarified further along the line and once planning permission has been granted.

Am I able to move to another borough/district and at what point can this happen?

For customers who have expressed an interest to move away permanently, we would like to honour this request and we will be working closely with these customers.

New home information

Will everyone currently living at Concorde Close be guaranteed a new home?

Yes, Home Group aims to reprovide all affordable homes for the needs of our existing customers plus additional homes, likely to be for a mixed tenure development.

Will my new property be like for like?

No. All new homes will be allocated on housing need.

Will my existing tenancy be protected?

Yes, your tenancy rights will not diminish if you choose to move to a new home on the estate.

Will my rent stay the same?

If your new home has the same number of bedrooms as your current home, your rent will increase and/or reduce at the same rate as your current tenancy. If you have more or fewer bedrooms, this will affect the rent you pay.

Will the new properties all be flats?

At this early stage of the design process, the housing mix is yet to be determined, this will also depend on the option we take forward.

How will the homes be allocated?

All new homes will be allocated in accordance with the decant charter by Home Group and Home Group’s allocation policy. The charter will explain the priority process for the allocation of new and temporary homes and will be discussed in detail further along the line. This will be issued once the designs and phasing have been planned and agreed.

What is the internal square meterage of my current home?

Approximately the following applies:  

  • Bedsit = 33sqm
  • 2 bed flat (3 person) = 55-63sqm
  • 2 bed maisonette (4 person) = 63-74sqm

Will the new homes be bigger than our current properties?

All new homes will be in line with current building standards. At present only two properties on the estate meet the current space standards set down in the London Plan. Minimum space standards are:

  • 1 bed flat (2 person) = 50sqm
  • 2 bed flats = 61-70sqm
  • 3 bed flats = 74-86 sqm
  • 3 bed houses = 84-93 sqm
  • 4 bed houses = 97-106 sqm

Will new homes have gardens?

As part of planning policy, we must provide a certain amount of ‘amenity space’ for each new home. This is dependent on the size and type of the new home but will either be a garden or balcony, or both.

I have pets, will I be able to take them to my new home?

All Home Group’s standard tenancy agreements contain a clause about pets. Customers must have applied for permission in the first instance to keep a pet. As we move forward with the proposals, customers will be informed about pets and general guidance when moving into their new home.

Will there be any retail/commercial units as part of the new development?

We do not envisage adding any retail or commercial units to the current Concorde Close, whichever option is taken forward.

Will there be any public space and, if so, when will it be provided?

Yes, we hope to create public spaces across the new development and we would like your ideas.

Will there be any changes to the car parking? How many spaces will be re-provided?

We will be governed by planning policy on car parking and Hounslow Council are keen to provide parking where necessary.

Will I lose my current car parking space?

This is possible, but every effort will be made to ensure you have space to park your car throughout the construction programme.

I have spent money on my flat/home over the past few years. Will I be compensated?

We will pay you the statutory home loss payment. All Home Group customers will be compensated to the amount of £6,400 less arrears as part of the redevelopment programme.

Will I have to move off-site temporarily for build works to progress?

It is likely that you will need to move off-site into temporary accommodation as part of the build programme due to the constraints of the site. Until the phasing and move programme has been planned we are unable to provide any detail at this stage. Home Group will ensure moves are kept to a minimum and will assist all customers as part of the move programme on and off-site.

How long could I be living off-site for? What about work and my children’s schools? I need to be within this area.

Off-site moves will depend on the phasing programme and will be discussed in detail further along the programme. Home Group will work closely with all customers as part of any of-site move requirement, taking into consideration customers’ housing need, locality of schools and working requirements.

When will I need to vacate my current property and when will I be able to move into the new home?

The building of new homes is unlikely to begin for a while, so no temporary moves will be required at this stage. We will continue to update you as and when we progress with the proposals.

Will I be given money to help me with my move?

We will pay you the statutory home loss payment, which is currently £6,400. All customer moves will be paid direct to our approved removal firm whether it be to a temporary or permanent home. Customers will also get disturbance payments, which include reimbursement for the following as part of a move:

  • Redirection of mail
  • Telephone reconnection
  • Sky/cable reconnection

Am I guaranteed in securing a new home as part of the redevelopment?

Yes, all Home Group customers will be provided with a new affordable home should they wish to be a part of the regeneration.

Will I be able to personalise my new home?

We aim to provide a residents’ choice process, with the opportunity for all customers to choose options for their new home from a range of kitchens and flooring. However, this is yet to be agreed and will form a separate part of the consultation process at a later date.

Works, access and car parking

How can I learn about the project progress?

We will keep you updated through letters, consultations, information sessions and our website.

Will I be living on a building site?

At this stage we are not sure of the phasing but every effort will be made to make sure your move into your new home is as smooth as possible.

Will access be retained during construction?

Yes, there will always be safe routes through and around the estate where possible once construction starts.

Are roads in the vicinity likely to be affected during the construction? Are there any closures/diversions planned?

Once we start construction there will be construction vehicles on the site but you will be kept informed throughout the programme.

Future engagement

How involved will Home Group be with their customers at Concorde Close?

Home Group has involved and worked closely with our customers as part of the planning and design process for the future of Concorde Close since July 2017. We held a number of information sessions and design workshops to ensure all customers are involved in planning and design. We will continue to involve customers and neighbours in future events to ensure your views are taken into account.

When was the first info session about the regeneration delivered?

Following the completion of a 100% stock survey, it has been highlighted that Concorde Close would benefit from regeneration. Home Group held a first information session with our customers in July 2017, introducing the regeneration, with a number of further information sessions and design workshops delivered to date.

What happened after the first information session?

We have delivered a number of information sessions and design work shops and will continue to do so as part of our commitment to our customers.

The ideas and views collated were discussed with Planning Officers at Hounslow Council and we have provided feedback to all customers to date

One-to-one meetings were carried out with customers in October 2018 to determine housing need and capture any additional household information.

Will my views/comments be taken into consideration?

Yes, your views were taken into account in the previous application and will continue to be a benefit to any future scheme. Further sessions will be held before any planning submission, if a redevelopment option is taken forward. Your feedback will then be considered alongside the requirements of local planning policy, designing for secure streets and neighbourhoods.

Will there be more consultations and sessions organised by Home Group and how will I be notified about them?

Yes, Home Group are keen to work closely with all customers as part of the regeneration process and for all customers to be involved in the design workshops. If customers would like to be involved in the design group, please do let us know.

There will be further sessions to be delivered to our customers and neighbours. All information will be issued by letter and on the website. If you would prefer to be notified by email, please let us know.

Will there be a residents’ group for Concorde Close?

There is currently a Residents’ Association in place at Concorde Close. For further information please visit or contact


For all customer queries about the regeneration, please we have a dedicated point of contact. Please contact Anthony Malek, Regeneration Officer on:

Address: 3rd Floor, Farringdon Point, 33 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JF

Phone: 07739 303 144


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