Concorde Close

Information about our proposals for regeneration at Concorde Close.

This site has been created to allow our customers and all stakeholders to view Home Group’s emerging proposals for the future of Concorde Close and will be updated as the plans are developed.

UPDATE: The original proposal, for the regeneration of Concorde Close was refused at planning committee in January 2019.

Since the refusal Home Group has sought advice from a range of stakeholders and experts on how to proceed. As a result, Home Group has decided not to appeal the refusal. Home Group are committed to undertaking a full review of the refused scheme and also revisiting options for the estate. These options include:

  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Refurbishment
  • Part refurbishment / part redevelopment
  • Full redevelopment scheme

In July 2019, Home Group presented the above options to customers, our neighbours and Members to gain initial thoughts. Home Group are now in the process of assessing and analysing the options and will come back to all stakeholders ahead of any decision on a way forward. We are committed to involving them in our proposals.

We made a commitment to both the customers and the neighbours of our properties at Concorde Close that we would carry out every recommendation made to us by the Metropolitan Police as part of their Secure by Design report. We have now implemented every recommendation from the report. All recommendations  were completed at Concorde Close by November 2019, as demonstrated in our changes at Concorde Close leaflet.

At this meeting, we explained that Concorde Close's road is owned and managed (adopted) by the Highway Department at London Borough of Hounslow. Therefore, we cannot do any works or add any further security measures to areas not in our ownership. These areas are highlighted on the Hounslow adopted highways map.