About Cleator Moor

Cleator Moor aerial vie-min

The Wath Brow and Priory Drive areas in Cleator Moor are housing estates which were developed by Home Group. They’re made up of 362 homes: 244 affordable rented belonging to Home Group and 118 privately owned.

In September 2016 we carried out a full assessment of Wath Brow and Priory Drive. This highlighted some issues, including structural problems that can’t be easily addressed through maintenance. We also need to consider providing housing to better suit the aspirations and needs of the neighbourhood.

We’ll have to spend over £9.6 million on planned maintenance over the next 30 years. Rather than extending the life of these homes, we believe this £9.6 million could be better used to redevelop parts of the estate to provide some new affordable rented homes along with new homes for sale and investment into other Home Group properties in the area.

What we know
  • Some properties are in a state of decline mainly as a result of how they were constructed
  • Some homes are poorly insulated and ventilated resulting in higher bills and condensation issues for customers
  • The mix of properties doesn’t meet the needs of the community
  • There are some poorly designed public spaces and poor links through to the wider area