Find out more about what's happening in Phase 1A of the South Oxley initiative.

Car parks at Baden Hall and Henbury Way

The first works to commence at South Oxhey Central in early September this year was the demolition of Baden Hall and the creation of two new temporary car parks on Henbury Way. A fifty five space car park to the west of Henbury Way will include five dedicated disabled spaces and will remain in place until replacement parking is delivered in phase 3.

A further twenty spaces will be provided on the Baden Hall site. These spaces will be gradually replaced with new permanent parking from mid-2017.

Car park on Bridlington Road



Phase 1A


Following completion of the two temporary car parks at Henbury Way and Baden Hall, works will commence on the site of the current car park on Bridlington Road. The new development will consist of 84 apartments, 21 for shared ownership and 63 for private sale and will be four storeys in height. It will be ready for occupation in spring 2018.

The accommodation will be as follows:

  • 29 x 1 bedroom apartments
  • 55 x 2 bedroom apartments
New play area at Henbury Gardens West

In 2017 we will be delivering a new play space at Henbury Gardens West. The play area is designed to provide a range of activities for 0-5 year olds, and 5-11 year olds. Three circles of compact absorbing rubber safety surfacing will accommodate the equipment.