Partnering and joint ventures

Home Group has a strong track record of partnering at significant scale and delivering large scale housing solutions across the country – we work closely with local authorities including Gateshead, Glasgow, Hull, Harrow, Harlow and Three Rivers.

We are keen to build on our track record and we have an appetite to establish strategic relationships to deliver national partnering opportunities.  



Home Group is prepared to take a flexible approach, we are not tied to any specific delivery mechanism as long as we achieve transparency and equitable sharing of risk and reward.  



Partnerships are key to our approach and we are actively pursuing mixed tenure schemes in partnership with established private sector partners.  



Working together is often the best way of successfully developing complex sites which benefit from the combined experience, skills and shared resources of the partners.



We work with local authorities, developers and the community to transform neighbourhoods.  



Working collaboratively enables us to deliver other benefits such as employment and training initiatives, making sure local people are given a chance to work or train as apprentices on developments.



You can read about some of our recent successes in our case studies.