Home Group provides supported housing solutions for a variety of young people.

This includes care leavers and older looked after children, young offenders, teenage parents, unaccompanied asylum seeker children and homeless young people.  



We offer a range of flexible options such as quick access assessment beds and high-intensity supported accommodation through to floating support in the community.



We can provide you both with tried and tested outcomes based models of delivery or work with you to identify what can be done with the priorities you have or to put your own ideas in to practice.



We welcome opportunities to pilot new service models.  Partnership working is at the heart of our approach to service delivery.



Our outcomes are particularly strong for young people who are NEET and for those experiencing domestic abuse.  



We have a range of programmes and tools for working with these groups across our delivery models.

What do we offer?

•    Care leavers / older looked after children:  We offer a range of options from pre-tenancy work whilst young people are still in care to a range of accommodation based provision including 24/7 high support in shared housing, supported lodgings and floating support in the community.


•    Young offenders: Our offer includes short term assessment and referral beds, high intensity 24 hour support, supported lodgings and floating support.


•    Young parents: We offer accommodation in high or medium support units, supported lodgings or within the community. Where appropriate we welcome young fathers too.  


•    Unaccompanied asylum seeker children (UASC): We work with new arrivals, including support with border agency appointments and age assessments in accommodation based or supported lodgings units.   24-hour support and supervision is provided for those suspected of having been trafficked.


•    Homeless young people: We offer a full range of options from high support accommodation units with 24-hour cover through to foyers and supported lodgings.  Our services have a particular focus on employment, education, training and volunteering including opportunities to gain NVQ and ASDAN qualifications. We can provide quick access crisis and assessment beds and can offer mediation to facilitate a move back to family members.  


•    Foyers for young people across all these groups.   Our accredited foyers work closely with the Foyer Federation. They have a strong focus on Education, Training, Employment and Volunteering (ETEV) and offer hubs for wellbeing services such as sexual health and drug and substance misuse to hold drop in’s and provide specialist advice.


•    Opportunities for apprenticeships: through our ‘Inspiring Futures’ offer.


•    Move on accommodation:  We provide assistance for the above groups to achieve more independent living in shared houses with a particular focus on incentivising getting clients into employment with a ‘working rent’.



If you want to find out more about how we can support you to identify or deliver housing related support models to meet your priorities in your area or to find out about our existing provision near you then contact us.