Home Group offers a range of sheltered housing options for older people.

Our 54 properties, which house around 1,700 older people, give customers the independence of having their own flat with the security of having an alarm system and a warden.



The flats are usually small self-contained units or single rooms in a complex, which often has a communal social area.



Research carried out by the National Housing Federation found that older people wanted a home that:



• Is accessible


• Is spacious and attractive


• Is safe and secure


• Is in an age friendly environment


• Offers freedom, choice and flexibility


• Has help at hand


• Provides flexible, personalised support


• Lets them socialise and feel included


• Allows them to be involved in decision-making



A welfare and support service is delivered to residents, each having an Independent Living Plan (ILP) which is reviewed annually or whenever there is a change in circumstance.



Colleagues support residents to maximise their income and signpost them to relevant local opportunities to help them feel socially included.




The major challenges are ensuring our buildings remain fit for purpose for the changing needs of our older population, e.g. ensuring there is sufficient space to store mobility scooters or installing automatic entry doors for ease of access. We also strive to find alternatives to local resources that may have been removed such as local post offices or libraries.



Referrals to our schemes predominantly come via local authorities, but in some schemes individuals or their families can self-refer directly.