We have 40 years of experience in delivering a range of services to offenders. Find out more about how we're delivering justice services here.

In that time the criminal justice system has undergone unprecedented change.



We have engaged with the 'What Works' revolution of the 1980s, the increased focus upon public protection and risk management as characterised by MAPPA, and more recently the re-structuring of the delivery of probation services brought about by the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda.



Throughout this period we have adapted our services to the needs of commissioners, whether they be Supporting People (now Adult Social Care), prison governors, probation trusts, CRCs or NOMS, and have continued to offer cost effective and evidenced solutions.



Central to our philosophy has been the view that with sufficient motivation, people can lead offence-free lifestyles, but that support and practical assistance needs to be consistently and expertly given.



At the core of our justice offer is the recognition that accessing good quality accommodation is a critical criminogenic need, which as the country’s largest provider of care and support services, and owners of a housing stock of some 55,000 properties, we are well placed to deliver.



In addition, we offer a wide range of other services, including:



•    community based / floating support


•    specialist alcohol and drug services


•    homelessness services for higher risk of harm offenders



all of which are underpinned by skills in assessment, motivational interviewing, sentence planning and case management.



We offer bespoke solutions, and welcome the opportunity to support your rehabilitative processes.



For further information please email Mike Hazeltine.


  • Approach – assessment, risk and need, and contractual compliance

    • At the heart of all our activity is the recognition that people need to take responsibility for improving their circumstances, and need to be fully committed to the assistance which can be offered.

      All our work reflects a belief in the value of a person-centred and asset based approach, and our assessment and planning processes are applied from this perspective.

      We have a wide and award winning client involvement structure, which provides opportunities for all of our clients to influence our services, and to play a full part in their own rehabilitation.

      However, we are equally aware of the harmful effects of crime, and promotion of the victim perspective is central to our approach, enhanced in particular by our provision of a number of refuge facilities (and expanse of other facilities for women and men for women and men surviving domestic abuse).

      We are fully aware of the need to balance personal need against risk of harm, and accept that there are occasions where non-compliance and an escalation of risk necessitate enforcement action, including a return to custody if necessary.

      This balance has been especially apparent in the delivery of the BASS contract, where we have held an offender / case manager role for bailees and some licencees, subject to HDC.

      We have developed significant skills in basing difficult decisions upon an assessment of risk and need, and working collaboratively with a range of statutory and other partners.

      In addition, we are committed to ensuring contractual compliance, and delivering cost effective solutions across all of our contracts. We have substantial experience in mobilising new contracts, in integrating processes and bringing together different stakeholders, and in dealing with TUPE and other formal requirements in a professional and balanced way.

      We are also familiar with a range of contract management styles, activities and differing regulatory frameworks, including the HCA, CQC and NOMS, as well as a focus on quality assurance, using approaches including the Local Authority Quality Assessment Framework process

      In relation to recent changes to the delivery of probation services, as bidders ourselves, we have substantial understanding of the legislative and contractual framework, and can offer solutions which support the Payment By Results mechanisms faced by CRC commissioners.
  • Outcomes

    • We are increasingly aware of the need to collate data, in particular in relation to outcomes.

      We regularly submit data to the Justice Data Lab, which has confirmed that our BASS services for those on HDC can reduce re-offending by between 3% and 13%.

      In addition, we collate internal information across all our offender services, and have captured some of the headlines below:

      Compliance with statutory orders, licences, conditions or requirement – 935 (80.53%)
      Engaged with drug and alcohol services – 536 (46.21%)
      Engaged with mental health services – 353 (30.43%)
      Made and maintained links with primary care professionals – 872 (75.17%)
      Maintained appointments with statutory agencies – 1024 (88.2%)
      Maintained paid employment, education, voluntary and training activity whilst with service – 337 (29.05%)
      Maximised income - 1021 (87.94%)
      No known arrest or charges brought whilst on service placement – 694 (59.78%)
      Re-established relationships with children and families – 405 (34.94%)
      Referral and sign-posting to training, education, employment and volunteering services whilst in service – 639 (55.04%)
      Secure accommodation – 738 (63.68%)
      Supported to gain employment, training, voluntary placement or education course - 547 (47.11%)
  • Local services

    • Across the organisation, we deliver a range of locally commissioned services, often contracted by local authority Adult Social Care commissioning teams, but also Police and Crime Commissioners, prisons, health,  police and both CRCs and NOMS.

      We offer services that are both community/floating support and accommodation based, and work collaboratively with a range of partner organisations, delivering services that that are service user led, and which offer value for money.

      We recognise the importance of accountability and public protection, and see this as working alongside organisational values relating to advocacy, responsiveness, valuing diversity and working in an innovative and energised way.

      We are firmly committed to exceeding commissioner expectations, and forming mature and mutually beneficial relationships.

      Here are some of our services:

      •    Accommodation, for differing  cohorts of clients involved in the justice system including high risk of harm and young people
      •    Accommodation services centred around smaller, independent homes
      •    Floating support services
      •    Drug and alcohol services
      •    Signposting in relation to debt and advice, accommodation and other criminogenic needs
      •    Accredited tenancy sustainment programme  Link to HAP pages
      •    Advocacy, recovery programmes and training in relation to domestic violence
  • BASS

    • Since 2010, Home Group has been commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to deliver the BASS contract.

      BASS provides short term accommodation with support to men and women aged 18 and over in single gender, shared and self-contained houses/flats across England and Wales.

      The service is available to courts and prison governors for those who would otherwise be remanded or remain in prison and for whom BASS accommodation and/or support enables consideration of bail, HDC or IAC/ICO whilst:

      •    Charged with an offence and remanded in custody;
      •    Currently serving a custodial sentence and eligible for Home Detention Curfew (HDC);
      •    Currently released on Home Detention Curfew (HDC) but have lost their address whilst in the community;
      •    Appearing in court from the community and likely to be remanded in custody; or
      •    Eligible for a community sentence under the Intensive Alternative to Custody (IAC) or Integrated Community Orders (ICO).

      BASS also provides a ‘support only’ service for service users who have their own suitable accommodation. BASS supports service users to maintain custody of their dependent children where this is deemed appropriate. The service is available in each National Offender Management Service (NOMS) region in England and in Wales.

      Stonham works in close partnership with NOMS, local authorities, health services, police and local agencies.

      The objective is to provide joined-up services to help service users achieve improved outcomes.

      In addition to providing short term accommodation BASS provides support to service users on Bail / IAC / ICO/ HDC to help:

      •    Meet conditions of their Bail / IAC/ ICO/ HDC order or licence
      •    Integrate or reintegrate into the community
      •    Avoid any offending behaviour
      •    Find suitable housing at the end of their period in BASS accommodation
      •    Ensure that women receive any additional support they may need.

      Through our successful implementation and delivery of BASS, we have further developed our assessment and risk management skills, and have implemented a range of advanced data reporting and contract management systems.

      In addition, we have further honed our skills in the acquisition and management of property for offenders, and feel these capabilities make us ideal supply chain partners across criminal justice and social care contracts.