Through our Integrated Health Services we provide support and interventions to a wide range of people in need. Find out more here.

Older people - housing tailored to individual needs:

  • Safe and secure (independent to sheltered)
  • Heating and damp proofing
  • Aids and adaptations to support mobility
  • Social needs and isolation
  • Shopping and healthy diet
  • Income
  • Personal care needs
  • Support networks
  • Respite care

Mental health / learning disabilities - housing tailored to individual needs:

  • Tenancy support
  • Rent and bills
  • Maintaining a home
  • Social needs, isolation and meaningful use of time
  • Diet and healthy living
  • Basic skills: shopping, diet and cooking
  • Income, debt and money management
  • Support networks
  • Managing mental health - recovery and wellness action planning
  • Safety net: Step-up (admission prevention service)
  • Homelessness / Complex needs (Co-morbidity)

 All of the support and interventions provided to older people and those with mental health / learning disabilities plus:

Access to specialist support, e.g. substance abuse and alcohol support services.

Our support is ...

Person centred - provided by a special team of health and wellbeing workers who assess each person's needs and deliver sustainable solutions.



Integrated - 92% of the people we work with each year call upon other groups and services outside of the NHS for support.  A key benefit is the co-ordinated approach they achieve across all agencies involved in a person's care and support.



Flexible - providing the right services, at the right time, in the right place, all tailored to the individual's needs.