Improving Health Outcomes

Health, housing and social care providers all face similar challenges in supporting people to live healthier, happier lives - from reduced funding to increased demand for services, an aging population and ever more complex health conditions.

To overcome these challenges and reduce the pressure on acute services, providers need to work together across services. 

Home Group's close connections with tenants, those in social care and others in the community make us the ideal partner to work with you to keep people well.

Why Home Group

Home Group has been supporting vulnerable and socially excluded people in England for 40 years through our dedicated care and support services.

Many of the people we help are reliant on health care. 

If people wait until they reach crisis stage before accessing services, they can become more dependent on them. 

Their recovery is slower, more difficult and short-lived. 

Our approach is to help people to identify and address issues sooner, reducing the need for more costly interventions later on.

Home Group's Integrated Health Services focus on addressing the root causes of health deterioration, to improve personal health and patient outcomes.

The support we provide helps to reduce and prevent the need for clinical interventions and costly hospital admissions, and helps people to transition back home more quickly and successfully.

Through our joined up approach to supporting clients, we identify and address not just their housing needs, but their health and social needs too. 

Whilst we ensure that they have a safe, secure and warm home, we also help them to look after their home and their health, and provide practical support through their transition of care.

Watch our video in which our executive director of care and support, Rachael Byrne discuss how integration of housing, health and social care could provide better services.