Health and wellbeing

Our services aim to support individuals and their carers to understand and self-manage their health and wellbeing.

Our services aim to support individuals and their carers to understand and self-manage their health and wellbeing.

Working closely with health trusts, primary care providers, clinical commissioning groups and local authorities, we tailor services to suit your priority areas, while supporting your target demographics tackling health inequalities across the UK. Through the provision of community resources, floating support and service navigation assistance, we re-able, re-skill and enable people to stay well, achieve success and sustain independence. 



Our services aim to prevent unnecessary non-medical primary care appointments; reduce hospital attendances; admissions and readmissions and support people to access support and services within their local communities.



As one of the UK’s largest providers of housing, care and support, we already work with 30,000 vulnerable people each year across 500+ services. This makes us well-placed to reach out to individuals in your communities, provide proactive support and reduce pressure on primary and secondary care services.

Just some examples of impact from Home Group's health and wellbeing services: 26% improvement in self-reported wellbeing during and individual's time with us. An admission to our step-down service in Norfolk saves approx £3,500 per person compared to a hospital stay.




Our services

Home Group has experience in designing and delivering the following services. However, we always work closely with our partners to create a bespoke service to meet their community’s specific needs.

  • Daily support services
  • Accommodation
  • Discharge support and re-admission prevention
  • Floating support/community engagement
  • Training, support and employability packages
  • Patient Activation Measures (PAM)

We also provide hospital to home services ensuring a safe transition for people leaving hospital, ensuring that their home is suitable for them to return to, with a wraparound care and support service enabling them to be re-abled at home.

Person centred

The support we provide is person-centred and delivered as part of a multi-agency approach.

By working with individuals in their own homes and communities, we can support with day-to-day challenges, enable them to do things for themselves and often address issues before they reach crisis point.

Our approach reduces demand on already pressurised health and social care sectors, promoting efficiency savings and supporting effective hospital bed discharge and preventing admission.

Individuals are enabled at home, are able to connect to their wider community and have access to our accredited training programme and apprenticeship schemes, which can support them into further learning and employment.