Mental health step down

Our mental health step down service is for NHS partners who need to identify safe and progressive transitional care services for people with mental ill health who no longer require in-patient treatment.

We can provide a reablement and recovery based community provision that includes a robust transition from inpatient environments. We also offer care and support in a safe and comfortable person-centred environment to customers, even if they already have their own tenancy.


Our approach gives customers the support they need to continue their journey of recovery, develop strategies to prevent future relapse, and return home or explore other independent living options. All of this is done through evidence-based therapeutic interventions that improve health and wellbeing with a focus on recovery and building personal resilience.

By bringing care closer to home and stepping in to facilitate earlier discharge from hospital, our mental health step down eases the pressure on hospitals and saves money on the costs associated with extended stays in an inpatient environment. It also gives customers a better health outcome and improved chances of recovery.

What are the benefits of our mental health step down service?

We can provide accommodation, care, and support that not only delivers cost savings but a better experience for customers.

We enable a quicker return home for the customer by using a recovery approach to avoid dependence and deliver a safe and homely environment.

Our community-based service helps reduce the length of hospital stays and prevent relapse and avoidable crisis. By working towards improved health and wellbeing with a focus on coping skills and resilience, we can help create better outcomes for customers.

What options are available for our mental health step down service?

  • A small group environment with either self-contained or shared facilities
  • Peer support
  • Therapeutic activity
  • Crisis resolution planning
  • Person-centred planning tool tailored to mental health
  • Recovery and strengths-based approaches
  • Rights-based approach (including DoLS)
  • Health integration
  • Psychologically informed practice and trauma-informed care
  • Integrated clinical and social care approach
  • Wellness recovery action planning and early warning signs work
  • Wellbeing support package
  • Partnership with NHS clinical teams to manage transition and risk
  • 24-hour support

Next steps

If you’d like to discover more about this service then email us at or download our information brochure.